• disorder

    The Romanov dynasty is founded. Russia is still mostly in a medieval state with serfs and a feudal system. They had not yet experienced the Renaissance.
  • Peter The Great

    Peter the Great takes the throne of Russia at 10 years old. He does not take control of the government until 1689. He was originally uneducated, but would become one of the most autocratic monarchs.
  • Westernization

    Peter the Great decides to go to other European cities to learn more about how Europe was improving.
  • War with Sweden

    Peter begins a war with Sweden. Originally the Swedish army of 8000 people destroys his larger one. He eventually defeats
  • Death of Peter the Great

    Peter died, leaving a mixed legacy. He had expanded Russia's territory, but he also greatly enforced absolute power.
  • Catherine the Great

    Catherine the Great becomes Tsar.
  • Parition

    Russia agrees to divide up Poland between them, Prussia, and Austria.
  • 100th Anniversary

    100th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty
  • World War I Begins

    Russia had supported Pan-Slavism, the idea that Slavs shared a similar nationality. This gave Serbian terrorists the ideas to assassinate Archduke Ferdinard, and the War began!
  • Feb Revolt

    Beginning of Revolution/ Civil war
  • October Revolt

  • Civil War

    War breaks out between the Bolshevik communists and the counterrevolutionaries. During
  • Communism

    The Communist government wins the civil war and takes over Russia.
  • WE WIN!

    Soviet Union falls apart, we "win" the cold war.