Ronni's timeline

  • The Day Of My Birth

    The Day Of My Birth
    I was born three days before Christmas. On the day of my birth my mom almost died; thankfully she didn't. I was brought home on Christmas Eve, and was the last baby my parents could have.
  • Breaking my two front teeth

    Breaking my two front teeth
    One day after my mom had waxed the floors for the first and last time I thought I heard the door bel and ran to get t. I then proceeded to fall on my face and bite the hardwood floor.
  • First day of kindergarten

    First day of kindergarten
    My first day of school was very nerve wrecking. I had never been away from my family for that long before. After my mom left I took my seat and started to make friends!
  • First Picture Day

    First Picture Day
    This was my kindergarten picture. I was 5 and was so nervous. Because I was missing my front teeth.
  • First Time at a Fair

    First Time at a Fair
    My parents started the tradition to take my sister and me to the fall fair every year. This was me riding a pony for the first time.
  • Moving into our first house

    Moving into our first house
    Up to this point my family and I had lived in an apartment. This move would take me away from all the friends I had made in my 9 years of life.
  • Mom started basic training

    Mom started basic training
    When was in 4th grade my mom left to Oklahoma to start basic training. She would be away for 7 months. We had minimal contact with each other for weeks.
  • Started homeschool

    Started homeschool
    I was unhappy at my junior high and my parents decided it would be a good idea to have me homeschooled.
  • (Understanding) Not going to a performing arts high school

    (Understanding) Not going to a performing arts high school
    When it was time for me to start thinking about high school I had my hopes set on a performing arts school. I compleated all necessary auditions, essays, and paperwork. In the end, I did not attend as the tuition was too high for my family. I didn't get angry or hurt by this. I understood our situation and was thankful for the experience anyway.
  • Covid / Online school

    Covid / Online school
    For the majority of my Freshman year and all of my Sophomore year I had attended school through google classroom.
  • Shaved my head (Free spirited)

    Shaved my head (Free spirited)
    After wanting to for a while I finally shaved my head. It was a great and completely new experience.
  • Sweet Sixteen (organized)

    Sweet Sixteen (organized)
    I planned and organized my 16th birthday. From the cat to the decorations I took care of everything.
  • Picking my classes (Intellectual)

    Picking my classes (Intellectual)
    When it came time to pick my classes for junior year I was very exited. While choosing classes was happy to find out the only options were honors for AP classes.
  • Back to in-person learning

    Back to in-person learning
    Returning to school was scary at first, I had high anxiety about it. After attending school for a few months I began to become more comfortable as I made more friends.
  • My first job (hard working)

    My first job (hard working)
    I've always known I would have to get a job as a teen, what I didn't know was how much I'd like it. Having a job gives me freedom, courage, and life skills.
  • Becoming an assistant director (Creative)

    Becoming an assistant director (Creative)
    I had shown much interest in theater all my life as it s one of my passions. One day my teacher came up to me and offered me a spot as an assistant director for Taft's production of Mr. Burns.
  • (Flexible) Working a job,going to school, and being an assistant director

    (Flexible) Working a job,going to school, and being an assistant director
    I have a lot on my plate as I go to school full time and fill my free time with anything I can to benefit my future. Working brings me not only joy but good time management skills as I also work on the play 3 days a week
  • (Devoted) Employee of the month

    (Devoted) Employee of the month
    In just 2 months of working, I earned employee of the month for the month of November. I give my all to my job and am almost there 4-5 days a week. I am called the "star closer".
  • (Sincere) Making teachers emotional

    (Sincere) Making teachers emotional
    My student teacher in my English class asked if I would write quotes about her for her graduation requirement. After giving them to her she was almost brought to tears over the kind words I wrote for her.
  • (Ambitious) Going to college out of state (someday)

    (Ambitious) Going to college out of state (someday)
    I hope to go to college in California. I know it is an intimidating idea to most but to me is all I want in life. I have the grades, patience, and practicality to succeed.