Roman Timeline

By alijah7
  • 146

    Romans conqure Greece

    The Battle of Corinth was a battle fought between the Roman Republic and the Greek city-state of Corinth
  • 336

    Jesus is born

    Also known as Christmas
  • 455

    Vandals Destroy Rome

    The city was attacked by the Visigoths led by Alaric
  • 470

    Date of Roman Empires split

    Diocletian, a forceful Roman general, seized power and declared himself the new emperor. One of his earliest orders was to split the Roman Empire in two.
  • Apr 21, 616

    City of Rome founded

  • May 29, 1453

    Eastern Empire Falls to the Turks

    They captured Constantinople
  • Agustus Ceasar became emperor

    Founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor
  • Julius Caesar is assignated

    Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman, general and notable author of Latin prose. He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire
  • Much of Rome burns

    Nero sets fire to Rome and blames christians for it
  • Year of the 4 empires

    The Year of the Four Emperors was a year in the history of the Roman Empire, AD 69, in which four emperors ruled in succession: Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian.
  • Roman Rule Ends in Britain

    Barbaric tribes attached cities
  • Start of Roman Republic

    The Roman Republic was the period of ancient Roman civilization beginning with the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom
  • Hannibal invades Italy

    Hannibal was known for leading the Carthaginian army and a team of elephants across southern Europe and the Alps Mountains against Rome in the Second Punic War.