Roadmap to Certification

  • EDU62030 Professional Learning and Practice

  • Clinical Practice Clearance - COMPLETED

    Submitted and completed: Certificate of clearance, proof of CPR, US Constitution, Basic skills, CBEST, CSET, VOE, Official transcripts of BA, signed acknowledgment form, signed statement of release, verification of MOU
  • EDU62040A Educational Foundations

  • CELEBRATION - 8th niece or nephew due!

    CELEBRATION - 8th niece or nephew due!
    We cannot wait to find out if its a boy or girl! I will be doing homework on the road as I visit the new baby in Washington.
  • POSSIBLE DETOUR - Maui bound

    Traveling with our friends for a total of 6 adults and 10 children to Maui! It will be our foster sons first time on a plane! I am nervous for school work as this trip was planned before I went back to school. I will need to complete all assignments on vacation with my family and that feels very overwhelming and sad. My goal is to ask for permission to complete assignments early to be able to fully present with my family.
  • MILESTONE - First Day of TK!

  • EDU62350 Content Knowledge & Instructional Practice I: MS Elementary Methods EDU62460 Clinical Practice I: Planning

  • MILESTONE - 11th Wedding Anniversary

    MILESTONE - 11th Wedding Anniversary
    We love to celebrate with dinner at our favorite local pizza place!
  • Quarterly ASSESSMENT

  • EDU62120A Content Knowledge & Instructional Practice II: Literacy Pedagogy
EDU62470 Clinical Practice II: Teaching and Learning  

  • ASSESSMENT - 1st RICA Video submission

    This is my best guess on deadline based on 22/23 requirements per
  • POSSIBLE DETOUR - Holidays with with no break

    I love being present with my children during this time and I am worried that I will fall behind in my classwork while trying to balance it all. If I do fall behind, I would contact my guidance counselor for suggestions and help getting back. I am also going to set aside specific chunks of time to complete school work while my children are having fun with activities with school or grandparents.
  • CELEBRATION - Adoption of our Son!!!

    The is a hopeful date as everything is still up in the air right now. It has been along and painful journey and we are SO excited for his adoption to be finalized!
  • Quarterly ASSESSMENT

  • EDU62630 Content Knowledge & Instructional Practice III: Teaching English Learners EDU62480 Clinical Practice III: Assessment

  • Quarterly ASSESSMENT

  • EDU62050 Content Knowledge & Instructional Practice IV: Differentiated Learning EDU62490 Clinical Practice IV: Reflection and Professional Responsibility

  • ASSESSMENT - 2nd RICA video performance submission

    This is my best guess on deadline based on 22/23 requirements per
  • MILESTONE - 37th Birthday!!!!

    First vacation for just me and my husband in 2 1/2 years since becoming foster parents!
  • Summative ASSESSMENT

  • TEL71710 Educational Technology


    May is insane in my family with school ending, graduations, and two of my children's birthdays! I am very nervous that it will be very east to fall behind during this time. I hope to have a good routine in place and be able to ask for help for the things that I can pass along (ie. birthday party planning!)

    First year of TK complete!
  • ASSESSMENT - CalTPA submission

    Submit cycle by 11:59 pm to get results by July 3, 2024
  • ASSESSMENT - Final RICA video performance submission

    This is my best guess on deadline based on 22/23 requirements per
  • EDU62340 Content Knowledge & Instructional Practice V: Math Pedagogy & 21st Century Approaches

  • ASSESSMENT - RICA Written Examination

    This is my best guess on deadline based on 22/23 requirements. Results would be given by 7/20/24 per this website:
  • Zero Tuition Balance

  • Individual Development Plan

    Complete and turned in.

    First year of teaching complete along with ALL coursework required!!!!!
  • Advanced Mentoring – if not recommended by Erika to the CTC