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Riyana’s Education <3

  • Raffles Nursery

    Raffles Nursery
    In 2013, when I was 3, I went to Raffles Nursery. I went there for around 1 year and made loads of friends. One very valuable memory I have is of my friend and I starting a paint war. We were finger painting when he accidentally spilt paint on me. I didn’t think much of it, but I obviously had to get back at him. Soon, we somehow got the whole class wound up in the fight, including the teacher. She was surprisingly quite on board with the whole thing, definitely helping us build life skills.
  • Kindergarten at Dubai International Academy

    Kindergarten at Dubai International Academy
    A year later, I started kindergarten. I was at this huge new campus with at least two playgrounds (yay!). Here, I learnt how to read and started cultivating my artistic abilities. During this time, things were very breezy and smooth. My favourite teacher was either the art teacher or the music teacher. The art teacher was Ms. Priya and she always used to give me candy (that’s why she was my favourite :). The music teacher always let us scream, so that was definitely a point.
  • Junior Van Gogh

    Junior Van Gogh
    Around the ages of four to five, I started to create beautiful art masterpieces. From finger painting to scribbling, I could do it all. I specifically enjoyed painting rainbows and sunshine as I thought I could capture them quite realistically. At this point of time, I also got exposed to mermaids, so you can assume there was a ton of work based of these creatures. All my paintings were far too good for me to keep for myself, so most of them were given as gifts. This was one for my brother. ->
  • Next Michael Phelps?

    Next Michael Phelps?
    Somewhere in 2016, I started taking swimming lessons. Soon, I was doing small competitions at the local club. I remember having a swimming lesson and eating fish and chips when it was done. The fish and chips weren’t even that good, but younger me just loved the litt
  • Year 1 at Dubai International Academy

    Year 1 at Dubai International Academy
    I finally graduated kindergarten in 2016. I was finally allowed to concur the big section of the campus: Elementary School. This school was an IB school, so Year 1 was sort of the equivalent to Grade 1. My teacher, Miss. Waller, was extremely nice and is probably one of my favourites to this day. If we were good, the whole class would get some kind of party at the end of the week. In this school, I made some of my closet friends. These included:Melanie,Khalid,and Em. I stayed here for 2.5 years.
  • Stylish Rockstar :)

    Stylish Rockstar :)
    In 2017, I somehow managed to form my own band. I was the lead singer (naturally) and I had two of my friends on the guitar and percussion. We were too eye-opening to perform live, so we pre-recorded the track on our one-of-a kind guitar. We performed for a huge crowd, who just couldn’t get enough of our pure talent. This jaw-dropping concert, kicked off my musical career and gave me the passion to listen to and play it. Currently, I am learning (or attempting) to play four instruments.
  • Moved to Bangalore- Grade 2 at CIS

    Moved to Bangalore- Grade 2 at CIS
    In late 2018, my family moved to Bangalore. For me, it was the first time l ever lived in India. It was really scary as I had to leave all my friends behind, but I surprisingly made friends here quite fast. In January 2019, I joined Grade 2 at CIS; where I became really close with a couple of my friends, Samaira, Vyana, and Thea. My first teacher was Mrs. Laura, who was really sweet and nice. Her husband, Mr. Boniface, who was the music teacher was really funny. Today, in 2023, I’m still at CIS.
  • Covid-19: Online School :0

    Covid-19: Online School :0
    I was half way through 3rd grade when the infamous virus, Covid-19, struck. Lockdown was a completely new experience for my entire family. Nobody knew what to do, or what not to do, especially when it came to school. Honestly, online school was very chaotic. It was a very interesting learning environment as there were loads of distractions, and snacks to nibble on. Sadly, I spent my whole 4th grade online, and a bit of 5th. One fun bit was that my friends and I used to call every Friday.
  • MasterChef 🌟

    MasterChef 🌟
    During the pandemic, I figured out one of my true passions and hobbies. Ever since I was younger, I’ve always loved food, so why not start to make it? Very similar to tons of bored people during lockdown, I started experimenting with different kinds of baked goodies. There were of course some failures, but the majority of the time, my concoctions were edible (and tasty :). As of 2023, I love to bake or cook in my free time.