Chinas growth from the end of the Han dynasty

  • 500


    From the end of teh Han dynasty to the invasion of the mongols China had many advances in all aspects of culture
  • 589

    Sui Dynasty

    The Sui dynasty was established and the building of the Grand Canal was commenced.
  • Nov 23, 618

    Tang dynasty

    Tha tang dynasty was established and emperor Gazu took over.
  • Nov 23, 668

    Korean Conquest

    The conquest of Korea took place and with it many influences spread. Vassal state of Silla founded.
  • Nov 23, 690

    Buddhist influence peaks

    Emperess Wu comes into power and pushes Buddhism farther than ever before. With its influences streaching into every aspect of life
  • Nov 23, 840


    BUddhists are persecuted for their religion. Buddhist influences die down
  • Nov 23, 907

    End of an era

    Tang dynasty falls to the Song
  • Nov 23, 960

    Neo confucian Rival

    The Song dynasty was a neo confucian dynasty
  • Nov 23, 1100


    The invention of gunpowder can be added to te list of items crafted out of this time period.
  • Nov 23, 1279

    New Rule

    Mongol dynasty has taken over all of ancient China