Rise of Hitler

  • Hitler fights in the First World War

    Hitler fights in the First World War
    As Kaiser Wilhelm urged Austria to declare war on Serbia, Russia soon mobilized against Austria. Germany then mobilized against Russia, leading France and Great Britain to mobilize agianst Germany. This gave Hitler a perfect oppurtunity to fight for his country, and he eagerly volunteered.
  • Germany surrenders: Treaty of Versailles

    Germany surrenders: Treaty of Versailles
    The original Treaty of Versailles was pretty much a list of complaints, where the majority of them were ignored. (It was thought of as too far off from President Wilson's Fourteen Points, and the British thought it was too harsh.) The Treaty of Versailles took away 13.5% of Germany's territory plus all oversees possessions.
  • Nazi Party is formed

    Nazi Party is formed
    The Nazi party was formed through many meetings with Communists who were willing to join his party and help him succeed. Such parties that were involved were the German Workers' Party and the Communists.
  • Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi party

    Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi party
    Hitler started gaining followers after his inspirational speeches full of emotion and captivating points. Through these speeches he encouraged national pride, militariasm, and a committment to a racially "pure" Germany. After changing the name of his group to the National Socialist German Workers' Party and continuing to make speeches, the party had 3000 memers. A year later, and Hitler became leader.
  • Mein Kampf is written

    Mein Kampf is written
    This book was written in quite a different way: told to Rudolph Hess by Hitler while pacing around his prison cell between the years of 1923 and 1924. This book covered various events such as Hitler's youth, days in the Nazi Party, and his future plans for Germany along with his ideas on politics and race. Hitler then goes on to describe his "perfect race" and how he will divide humans up to create his "perfect race".
  • Hitler tried for treason

    Hitler tried for treason
    HItler and 600 armed member of the SA attempt to seize power in Munich and are arrested and tried for treason. The Nazi Party is then outlawed and Hitler is sentenced to five years in jail. However, he only serves nine months.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Beer Hall Putsch
    Germany was in the middle of a crisis when HItler decided to step in and help. There was an attempted coup, however Hitler and his right-wing members along with the Nazi Party were caught by the government. (See "Hitler charged with treason" event)
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The two main dates of the Stock Market Crash, October 24th and 29th, have been nicknamed "Black Thursday" and "Black Tuesday". What lead to the Stock Market Crash was when the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a record high (381.2) and then dropped 21% to 299.5. After that, stock values were on a rapid decline and no one could stop it.
  • Hitler voted Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler voted Chancellor of Germany
    After Hitler became the leader of Germany, it was not long until he was eventually voted Chancellor of Germany. Germany was a democracy when this happened. To pass a law, the Reichstag would have to agree after the normal procedures had been done. However, of all the seats that were in the Reichstag in 1933, over 50% of them were against the Nazi Party.
  • The Reichstag building burns

    The Reichstag building burns
    After police arrived on the scene of the Reichstag building, they found Marinus van der Lubbe. He later to confessed to starting the fire, but he also stated that he was not a member of the Communist conspiracy. After hearing this, Hitler demanded that all members of the German Communist Party be hanged that night, as he was so angry.
  • Nazis elected to Reichstag

    Nazis elected to Reichstag
    The votes casted for the Nazis became increasingly poular, and because of this, Hitler was able to pass the Enabling Act, which then gave him the power of a dictator.
  • Hitler becomes dictator of Germany

    Hitler becomes dictator of Germany
    During the vote, Hitler won with 441 against 84. Known as the "Enabling Act", Hitler become dictator of Germany and preceeded to free all of the legislative and consitutional constraints.