Rise of Hitler

  • hitler in world war 1

    hitler in world war 1
    Hitler enlisted in the german army at the age of 25 he was very enthuiastic to enlist and serve his country he was a dispatch runner taking messages back and forth near enemy lines. he never complained about the conditions or food. he was also very lucky avoiding many injuries and death.
  • germany surrenders :treaty of versailles

    germany surrenders :treaty of versailles
    the treaty of versailles was the treaty that formaly ended world war one. this treaty required that germany be held responsible for causing the war. it also required that germany pay for alot of the damge caused in the war leading to the devasted economy of germany. which became the oppurtunity for hitlers rise to power
  • nazi party is formed

    nazi party is formed
    the nazi party or formerly known as the german workers party was founded in 1919 by anton drexler. the party was built of the idea that they aryan race was superior they were very open about their belief that people like jews homosexuals etc were inferior to them.
  • hitler becomes the leader of the nazi party

    hitler becomes the leader of the nazi party
    for most of his life Hitler was known to be pretty lazy life that changed when he joined the german workers party in 1919 at a german workers meeting hitler was the second speaker and wowed everyone with his passonite speech and became the key speaker and became the leader of propaganda. the party began getting new leaders by the hundreds leading to the rise of the nazi party
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Hitler wrote his book entitled mein Kampf or my struggle from his prison cell in the year 1923 through 1924. hitlers book talks about dividing people into diffrent catogories based on their race. according to hitler the aryans were at the top of the social ladder and he states that the jews are at the bottom and are part of a conspiracy against the aryansit was relesed 1925 and sold very poorly it was not till hitler was elected that it sold.
  • beer hall putsch

    beer hall putsch
    the beer hall putsch was a failed attempt at hitler starting a revolution him and a group of nazis hitler stormed into a beer hall in germany banning pople from leaving. hitler attemped to threaten people and make speeches to get them to join him but it ultimatley failed.
  • hitler tried for treason

    hitler tried for treason
    hiter was tried for treason after the beer hall putsch. he jury was made up mostly of nazis allowing hitler to manipulate the trial. hitler was found guilty but given a light sentence with many accomidations. the event also alowed hitler to gain more spotlight
  • stock market crashes

    stock market crashes
    when the stock market crashed and america went into the depression the German economy was affected because it was built mostly on foreign capital the german economy was sent into a tailspin people lost jobs and homes this was hilters oppurtunity he knew the people of germany were starving and were willing to listen to anyone which led to hiler being elected
  • nazis selected to reichstag

    nazis selected to reichstag
    the nazi party grew from having very little influnce to having over 8 million members in 1935 they were elected into power by the german people and were appointed by president Paul von Hindenburg
  • the reichstag building burns

    the reichstag building burns
    in febuary of 1933 the reichstag building was set ablaze several bodies were found in the building. Hitler who was sworn in as chancellor of germany just a month before urged police to call a state of emergency to investigate the burning. hitler blamed the communist party of germany and arrested several communists after individual rights were suspended
  • hitler voted chancellor to germany

    hitler voted chancellor to germany
    the leader of the nazi party adolf hitler was apointed chancellor of germany by president paul von hindenberg. in the year 1933
  • hitler becomes the dictator of germany

    hitler becomes the dictator of germany
    after hitler was elected chancellor he began arresting and murdering people who opposed him armed with his team of S.S thgs. hitler showed great respect to president hindenburgh which inspire him to sign decrees letting all of hitlers men in prison out and formally making him the dictator of germany