Rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty

  • Apr 13, 1364

    End to a new begining

    The yuan dynasty led by monguls ends leaving room for the ming dynasty to take over the throne in the never ending cycle of Chinas' famous Dynasties.
  • Apr 13, 1368

    How it all started.

    Zhu Yuanzhang, a powerful peasent farmer, became liked and famous for his important victories in many rebellions. Victory after victory, he began to earn the respect and leadership of the people. Then the "Gods" sent the mandate of heaven to Zhu. ( The mandate of heaven is how a ruler is chosen)This made it apparent that it was Zhu who was surely the new ruler over them, sent by the gods themselves.
  • Apr 14, 1371

    Seafaring brings new influence to The Ming Empire!!!

    Zheng He, was ordered by the government to take sea voyages to Africa, and South Asia in 1371. Zheng discovered many different animals, resources, people, and things that no man in China had ever discovered before. When he arrived home his amazing stories brought great inspiration and excitement to the Ming Empire.
  • Period: May 23, 1384 to

    Ming Dynasty

  • Apr 22, 1400

    It's Story Time!!

    A Chinese literate, Luo Guanzhong wrote a book called "Romance of three kingdoms". This book soon was put in the four classic novels of Chinese literature.
  • Apr 14, 1518

    Medicine saves peoples lives.

    Li Shizhen, wrote a book of around 11,800 different medicines.
    This book would teach people how to make all types of medicine from plants and other ingredients. This was very important to the Ming since they could now have tons of ways to help save lives from sickness and disease.
  • Geography

    Xu Xiake discovered a Karst type landform in Europe. As he traveled he wrote about the things he saw. He called them " Xu Xiake's Travel Notes". The start of Chinese Geography! The best part is he had discovered more things in Europe than the Europeans had in there own country. Xiake had discovered it at an estimate of more than 2 centuries before the Europeans had recorded it.
  • Science class.

    Xu Guanqi, was a ming Bureaucrat. He was famous the writing of his book " Nong Zheng Quan Shu", This was a book that helped many farmers throuhg out the Ming. They developed so many new Cinese farming techniques with the help of Guanqi.
  • We need a new dog!!!

    In Beijing 1644 the Ming empire was lost against a huge rebellion led by Li Zicheng. They need a new dog ( Government/ president/ leader). Zicheng took over to lead the awesome Shun Dynasty. It really wasn't so awesome, actually Li died the next summer of 1645. EPIC FAIL!!!! THE END :)