Revolution / Republic Timeline

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  • “ Come and Take It,”

    Colonel John H. Moore and his company famously rolled out the cannon under a flag that read COME AND TAKE IT sparking the beginning of the Revolution.
  • Election of Sam Houston

    On September of 1836 the new Republic of Texas elected Sam Houston as their first president and Mirabeau Lamar as Vice President.
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    Revolution/ Republic Timeline

  • Texas Declares Independence

    At the Convention held on the Washington on the Brazos on March 1, 1836 delegates drafted the Texas independence and adopted it a day later. During this meeting the Texas Constitution was also drafted.
  • The Fall of the Alamo

    On March 6, 1836 Santa Anna with 6,000 men marched on The Alamo in San Antonio eager to defeat the Texas Rebels.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    Sam Houston takes his troops after hearing of Santa Anna on the west side of Buffalo Bayou and across the San Jacinto River. Catching them by surprised the outnumbered troops of Sam Houston managed to defeat Santa Anna’s forces.
  • Texas Boundary Established

    Congress responded to a letter from Houston asking them to pass an act establishing the boundaries of Texas. Congress responds with an act that based the southwestern boundary on the Rio Grande.
  • President Jackson’s Annual Message

    United States President Andrew Jackson in his annual message questioned the validity of Texas’s Statehood.
  • Death of Sam Houston

    Sam Houston dies while still in office as president of the Republic of Texas.
  • Annexation Proposal

    Memucan Hunt formally proposed the annexation of Texas to the administration of Martin Van Buren.
  • European Relationships

    In 1837 Houston appoints James Pinckney Henderson minister to Great Britain and France with hopes of gaining recognition.
  • General Land Office Created

    Congress establishes the General Land Office to to review land claims and surveys.
  • Removal of Annexation Request

    Sam Houston instructs Hunt to withdraw annexation request to the US.
  • Austin becomes Capital of Texas

    Capital relocated to Austin under presidency of Mirabeau Lamar.
  • Texas adopts Lone Star Flag

    Official state flag of Texas adopted on January of 1839
  • African American Church Established

    Reverend James Huckins, a slave,
    Owner, organized the Colored Baptist Church of Galveston.
  • Beginning of the US & Mexican War

    Declared by Mexican forces at the invasion of US troops on north region of the Rio Grande. Battle of Palo Alto marks beginning of the war
  • Texas Annexed as part of US

    Texas is annexed to the United States under the presidency of James Polk.