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  • Jan 1, 1533

    ivan the terrible

    ivan the terrible
    Ivan the fourth came to the throne at the age of three
  • Jan 1, 1543

    ivans wife

    ivans wife
    Anastasiya Romanovna Zakharina-Yureva was the first wife of Ivan IV the terrible (reigned as tsar 1547–84).
  • Jan 1, 1546

    Ivan comes to ruler

    Ivan comes to ruler
    At the age of 16 Ivan seized power and had himself crowned Czar. This title means ceasar he was the first russian to offiacially use it.
  • Jan 1, 1581

    killed his son

    killed his son
    in this year during a violent quarrel ivan killed his oldest son and heir. Ivan died three years later and left his younger weaker son to rule.
  • peter became ruler

    peter became ruler
    peter became tsar of russia and reigned with his half brother ivan V
  • Peters main goal

    Peters main goal
    Peters main goal was to take over the black sea, caspian or the baltic sea.
  • westernization

    after going west Peter resolved that russia would compete with europe on both military and commercial term. peters goal of westernization was using europe as a model for change.
  • peters death

    peters death
    Peter had succeeded westernizing russia, establishing St. Petersburg and winning the northern war, he truly was the greatest ruler of russia.
  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1547
    Jan 1, 1560

    Ivans good period

    This time span was known as Ivans "good period". He added land to russia he gave them a code of laws and ruled justly.
  • Period: to

    Romanov Dyansty

    the choice of michael romanov for ruler began the romanov dynasty he was the nephew of ivan the terrible's wife anastasia.
  • Period: to

    peter the greats era

    peter the great lived for 53 years
  • Period: to

    the northern war

    when peter couldnt gain acces to the baltic sea he joined up with saxony and denmmrk-norway to help them defeat the swedes. this war lasted for 21 years and was Peters main militarty enterprise.