• Sydney Railway Company

    The first railway for NSW was starting to built by Sydney Railway Company. The line ran between Sydney and Parramata a 22 kilometre ride.
  • House- Drawn Railway

    In South Austraila the people used horse- drawn railways until 1856.
  • First Railway in Melbourne

    The location of Melbourne's first railway was Flinders Street Station and Port Melbourne(back then it was called Sandridge).
  • Sydney Locomotive

    Sydney's first Locomotive.
  • Sydney Railway Line Opened

    The Sydney Railway Company track opened.
  • Steam Engines in South Australia

    In South Australia the horse railway lines were replaced with steam- powered engines on a line between Adelaide and Port Adelaide. This was the first steam line in South Australia.
  • Tasmanian Railways

    Tasmania built a railway line between the northern cities of Launceston and Deloraine. The line was 72 kilometers long.
  • Western Australia's First Railway

    Western Australia's first railway was private and ran between Lockville and Yoganup. The railway was made of timber.
  • Queensland's First Railway Extended

    The first Queensland railway line was between Ipswich and Grandchester. On this day it was extended to go through the capital, Brisbane.
  • Western Australia Government Railway

    The first government railway for Western Australia was between Geraldton and Northampton.
  • Northern Territory Railways

    The Northern Territory Line between Darwin and Pine Creek became operation.
  • Australia's Capital Territory Railways

    A.C.T opened a 10km line between Canberra (ACT) and Queanbeyan (NSW).