Rafio History

  • First Radio Signal

    First Radio Signal
    Guglielmo Marconi created the first radio signal and radio. It was thought that maybe he wasn't th original inventor, but no one questioned it.
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    The audion tube was an amplifier that made sound much better sounding. It was Lee de Forest who invented this.
  • First Radio Station

    First Radio Station
    KDKA was the first radio station that was launched. It was originally named the 8XK, it's still around and people listen to it in Pitsburg Pennyslyvania.
  • First Commercial

    First Commercial
    New York station ran a 10 min commercial. It was the first commercial about an apartment complex and was charged $50.
  • Fm Waves

    Fm Waves
    Fm Waves are frequency Modulation 88-108 MHZ. Normally they are used with music. Fm waves move closer to each other
  • Personal Radio Stations

    Personal Radio Stations
    Personal Radio stations were known as Uncle Charlies. People would host radio stations from their basements. No one had a license, so everyone made them and they would interfere with the originals stations
  • Tv vs Radio

    Tv vs Radio
    The Tv was a competitor for the radio because radio was designed only for voice, while tv you saw people. Some people got angry about this.
  • First electric guitar

    First electric guitar
    Adolph Rickenbacker produces first electric guitar and Bell Labs creates first stereophonic sound recordings
  • FRC

    Controls who hosts radio stations, they make you havge licesnces so no more Uncle Charlie stations that would interupt.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Call Letters were put in as the border for the radio stations. Anything East started with a W and anything east started with K. Any station before was an exception.
  • Am Waves

    Am Waves
    AM waves move up and down and they use 535 KHzz-1605KHz and they are normally used wuth talk shows.
  • First Music Chart in U.S

    First Music Chart in U.S
    first music chart was published in the U.S.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    During Great Depresdsion when Radio soared because people would come home and listen to the radio as a way of escaing issues of natural life.
  • Famous Shows

    Famous Shows
    GunSmoke, The Shadow, Superman, Dick Tracey, Little Orphan Annie
  • First Solid Body Electric Guitar

    First Solid Body Electric Guitar
    Les Paul builds one of the first solid-body electric guitars