• James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves.

  • Mahlon Loomis successfully demonstrated "wireless telegraphy."

  • Guglielmo Marconi created a telegraphy system

    created a telegraphy system
  • The United States Army established wireless communications with a lightship off Fire Island, New York

  • Radiotelegraph service was instituted between five Hawaiian Islands.

  • Julio Cervera Baviera developed the first radio in Spain.

    Julio Cervera Baviera developed the first radio in Spain.
  • , a Marconi station located in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, carried an exchange or greetings between President Theodore Roosevelt and King Edward VII.

  • the naval battle of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese war was reported by wireless

  • the U.S. Weather Bureau experimented with radiotelegraphy to speed notice of weather conditions

  • Robert E. Peary radiotelegraphed: "I found the Pole".

  • Marconi opened regular American-European radiotelegraph service

  • the first transpacific radiotelegraph service linked San Francisco with Hawaii

  • Nikola Tesla is now credited with being the first person to patent radio technology