Radio History Timeline

  • First Radio signal

    Marconi invented the first radio. People say he didnt invent it but on the records it says that he did.
  • Invention of the Audion tube

    Lee De Forest invented the Audion Tube. Some say he may have "borrowed" the idea from someone but just like marconi he is in the records.
  • First Radio Station

    KDKA was the first ever radio station. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • First Radio commercial

    WEAF aired the first "toll" broadcast for an apartment complex. they charged $50. Advertisements is how Radio stations earn money
  • First Sports broadcast

    BBC Radio hosted the first live sports radio broadcast.
  • FRC

    Organized the licensing of transmitters. Assigned radio frequency's, call letters, and power limits. Basically the law of radio
  • Censored Radio

    Arounf this year is when radio stations started making family friendly radio broadcast.
  • First portbale Radio

    The Sony Walkman was the first portable radio. It is a small cell phone/pager like device that has a radio reciever.