Radio History Timeline

  • Marconi

    Marconi is knwn to be the first person to ever send out a radio signal. This may not be true, but its the first one recorded. He didnt send out a voice or music he only sent out a litttle beep.
  • Transalantic

    Marconi conducts the first transatlantic radio communication
  • Ship

    This was the day he first ship to shore broadcast was achieved! This was achieved in Ohio.
  • The Audion Tube was created

    Created by Lee De Forest. The Audion Tube allowed signals to go farther by amplifying them. We still use this basically but its more advanced.
  • Reginald Fessenden

    He sent out a program of music and speech! He also developed the first sphisticated radio transmitter. It made radio sound way better.
  • Airplane

    The first transmission from the ground to an airplane was achieved.This was a very important for the future.
  • KDKA

    1st Radio Station Created! IT was created by Frank Conrad. The station is still airing!
  • Commercial

    WEAF aired the first 10 minute commercial for an apartment complex. It costed only $50! Now commercials cost up to millions!
  • Number of Broadcasts

    The number of personal radio broadcasts soared from 30 in 1922 to 556!! That was later put to rest by the FRC
  • FRC

    FRC (Federal Radio Commision) was established to control radio airwaves and etc. It later went on to be named the FCC
  • Frequency Modulation

    Edwin Howard Armstrong created FM, improving audio frequency! Now it is played with music tobenefit the sound,
  • Amplitude Modulation

    Amplitude Modulation is also known as AM. IT changes the length of the wave! Talk radio is on AM
  • Transistor

    Regency introduces the pocket ransistor radio!