Radio History

  • First Radio wave sent

    First Radio wave sent
    Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi sent the first radio wave in history. Some say that it was not Marconi and he had taken credit with PR. PR is public reputation so it's not known if Marconi really did send the first wave or not but he did get credit for the event.
  • Audion tude/ Radio Amplifiers dicoverd

    Audion tude/ Radio Amplifiers dicoverd
    In 1906 Lee De Forest invented/ borrowed the idea of the audion tube. The audion tube is used to amplify the signal of radio waves.It is believed that a canadian inventer came up with the idea of the audion tube but never made it in to history for the idea.
  • Ships use of Radio

    Ships use of Radio
    The impact of radio was huge on the marine industry because there was new ways to communicate with land while out on sea. Because of radio there were survivors on the titanic.It also helped get help quicker, if any thing were to happen on the boats journey .
  • First radio station

    First radio station
    In 1920 Frank conrad created the first radio station, wich was named 8XK. This radio station did play music, but it was a talk show and it also played dramas and sitcoms.
  • First commercal aired

    First commercal aired
    In 1922 the first radio was broadcast was put on air. The commecials were to make radio station money from the listeners. They shared about 50 dollars for each commercials that was listened to.
  • The upbringing of the FCC

    The upbringing of the FCC
    In 1924 one radio station, uncle charles radio station was taking over most of the radio stations, so none of the other radio stations were getting listeners to their station, wich created the FRC wich regulated the frequences, and put specific stations for channels.
  • 1930's and 1940's

    1930's and 1940's
    1930 to 1940 was a golden age of radio because of the great depression. Radio provided a way to escape the depression and every thing bad. Radio was a way to sit back and enjoy the talk show that would come on.
  • After the Golden age

    After the Golden age
    After the 1940's the T.V took over the job as a radio so radios became absolute for a time. The only way the radio came back was by imputing more music. The only way of listening to music was to see a live concert but now you could listen just over radio.