Radio History

  • First Radio

    First Radio
    This was the very first radio ever invented in 1893 by Nikola Tesla & was a huge step up from anything yet made. it all started with the discovery of "radio waves". It's important because this is how radio was created.
  • First FM radio

    First FM radio
    This is the first FM radio created. It's important because without this being invented there would be no music on the radio.
  • The Smaller Radio

    It's a good radio because you can take it with you anywhere because its a travel size radio.
  • The Music Radio

    It's important because without this radio there wouldn't be music on the radio then it will be boring talking.
  • The Big Boom Box

    The Big Boom Box
    The radio was created to the boom box so you can play music aloud. People did this in the 80's. its's important because without the boombox we wouldn't be able to play music out loud.
  • GPS Sattelite Radio

    This is important because without GPS we would be lost. Because it helps us out find locations we dont know where they are.
  • Amateur Radio

    They started using computer to get radio signals. So this was a easier way to get radio signals and thats really important.
  • Digital Transmissions

    This is important becuase it's easier for people to listen to radios. They listened in there cars,homes, stores, etc.