Radio History

  • Marconi

    He was a ITalian inventor who created the radio, that sent and recived signals. He was the first one of good PR.
  • Wrieless telegraph

    Wrieless telegraph
    it was a new paper message, transmitted from sea vessels to the newspaper " the dailey Express"
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    Created by Lee De Forest, a vacuum tube that amplified signals.
    Some say that he didit actualy come up with the idea, but a Canadian inventor had the idea but he didnt seem to make the history books for his inventions
  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations
    was Called 8XK but then later renamed KDKA, still a station in Pittsburg. Frank Conrad actually created the station.He would put a microphone to a phonograpgh and made sound.
  • Dawn Of Advertising

    Dawn Of Advertising
    Radio wouldnt be what it is today without advertiement.In 1922 WEAF aired a 10 minute cmmercial or toll broadcast, for an Apartment complex charging 50$
  • FRC

    UNcle charlie Established FRC in 1927, it organized the licensing of transmitter. so you had to have a licesne to have a transmitter.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    It was in the middle of the great depression, alot of people needed money. it provided a escape fo people. it was something the entire family did together.
  • Expolsion

    Alomost every household had radios in them. The radio ndusrty had hit a all time high. Two-thirds of American households own at least one radio.
  • Tv makes apperance

    Tv makes apperance
    When tv came to pra, alot of people wanted the shows that were on the radio to be on tv. it was difficult to match the charcter with the voice. Radio lost money.
  • Famous shows in the Golden Era

    Famous shows in the Golden Era
    Alot of show that played during the glden era were, Ames' n Andy, Gunsmoke, The Shadow, Our miss brooks, superman, Dick tracey, $64 dollar qusion which is now who wants to be a millionaire.
  • Fm Radio

    Fm Radio
    The UM decides an Fm station, and expresses a commitment to radio broadcasting.
  • "all talk"

    "all talk"
    All talk radio became popular
  • Radio vs...

    Radio vs...
    Radio goes against all apps and things. now are technonlgy.