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Radio History

  • Marconi

    Marconi was an Italian inventor, who is known for inventing a long distance radio signal. Though many believe that he was not the original inventer. Back in 1895 the radio signals were used for sending messages. On November 10, 1900 put his first patent application, wich was denied.
  • Audion Tube

    Lee De Forest created what we know today as the audion tube on October 26, 1906. This object helps amplify the radio waves.
  • First Radio Broadcast

    First Radio Broadcast
    On Christmas Eve of 1906, ship out on the water heard the Broadcast of 'O Holy Night being played by violin and a verse being read froma bible. The man behind this was Reginald Fessenden.
  • 8XK

    This is what is considered the first actual radio station. It is known as KDKA today. The station is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvnia, and has been running for 93 years. In Janurary 1921, 8XK had it's first choir come and sing live on air.
  • First Commercial

    AT&T says that they were the first commercial to ever be aired on the radio.It cost them $50 to run a commercial for 5 days for 5 programs.
  • BBC

    The first radio station in Europe was created in 1922, it was called British Broadcasting Company. In Europe, when the second world war came, all the TV stations were shut down, and people depended on the radio stations to keep them informed.
  • FRC

    The FRC (also known as Federal Radio Commission) was created because their were to many Uncle Charlie's. Their goal was to organize the licensing of transmitters. They also assigned radio station frequencies, call letters and power limits.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    The Golden Era started in the 1930's and did not end until the late 1940's. The Golden Era started because there was not only a war, but also a Great Depression. Plus the Radio is a great Family medium, it let you laugh and forget what was actually going on in the world.
  • Shiela Borrett

    Shiela Borrett
    Sheila Borrett was the first woman to broadcast on BBC. She was only one air for 3 months because men did not like woman being on the radio back in the 1930's. Later she went into drama/acting.
  • FM Transmitter

    FM Transmitter
    On December 26, 1933, Major Edwin Armstrong recieved a patent on a wide-band FM. The reason we switched to FM is because with AM waves there was more static and it had a wider range for audio frequences.
  • Invasion from Mars

    Invasion from Mars
    I'm not sure of the date, but in 1938 CBS broadcasted a Halloween show that was about the world being Invaded by Aliens. This caused a major problem, many people believed that this was really happening and it started a small panic.
  • Radio suffers

    Radio suffers
    In the 1950's radio starts to suffer because advertisers switch to TV. The only real problem with the switch besides that is that in many situations they couldn't change the actors without the audience noticing, so they lost many shows along the way.
  • The Beatles

    On October 28, 1962, the beatles did their first live interview on a radio station. They did this after their first single topped the charts.
  • Boom Box

    Boom Box
    I had a hard time finding a specific date, but boombox's came out during the late seventies, and were consitered an amazing achievement. People would carry them anywhere and everywhere.
  • First Internet Concert

    First Internet Concert
    The first internet concert was lauched by Sevre Tire Damage. There isn't much more information about it other than that....