Radio History

  • Radio Waves Detected

    Radio Waves Detected
    In 1888 Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves.
  • Linked Radio

    Linked Radio
    In 1899 Marconi establishes first radio link between England and France.
  • Lets Talk

    Lets Talk
    In 1900 American scientist R.A. Fessenden has human speech transmitted through radiowaves.
  • Music :)

    Music :)
    In 1904 The First radio transmission of music was in Graz, Austria.
  • Brodcasting

    In 1906 The First radio program of voice and music broadcast was in the U.S. (by R.A. Fessenden)
  • Radio Newscast

    Radio Newscast
    In 1910 Radio communications gain publicity when the captain of the Montrose alerts Scotland by radio of an escaping criminal