radio history

By Nick Vo
  • Marconi

    Marconi created the first radio, he also sent and receved his first signal
  • audion tube

    audion tube
    a tube used to amplify singals
  • nobel prize

    nobel prize
    Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for "development of wireless telegraphy".
  • Radio stations

    Radio stations
    the first brodcast is 8XK but later renamed KDKA
  • Advertising

    WEAF aired their first advertisment for 10 minutes charging 50 dollars evey 10 minutes.
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    uncle charlies was when people started to creat theit own radio station, but the FRC later called the FCC because AD didn't get that many listeners.
  • FM

    the FMradio was patented by edwin armstrong, FM was used to reduce static radio waves.
  • FCC

    W1XOJ, the first experimental FM radio station, was granted a construction permit by the FCC
  • RADIO music

    RADIO music
    Elvis Presley and others were getting air play and selling records.
  • beatles

    the beatle went on radio in 1963
  • Music today

    Music today
    now music has been on radio every since it stared.