Imgres 3

radio history

  • marconi

    italian invintor sent and recived the first radio signals. he created the first radio signal.
  • audion tube

    the audion tube took signals and amplified them. this made them stronger and better to hear. without this the radio would not sound as good as it does today
  • 8XK

    the first radio staion ever made and is the first radio show of a very long line of radio shows. it later got renamed kdka. it still transmitts in pensilvania. thire first transmission was in morse code
  • first human speech transmission

    the first human speech happened on a radio staion called 9xm
    they had just transmitted morse code but now they can say words this was a revolutionary discovery
  • regular wirless entertainment

    the first regular wireless entertainment was brocased from agrentina. pionered by the the group around enrique telmanico
  • commercials

    in 1922 newyork they aired the very first commerical. this changed the world of radio forever. this had not happed we might of not had commercial today.this also made the radio companys money to run themselves and get better equeipment.
  • FRC

    organized the licensing a transmitters. they made sure other people wernt tranmitting singnals on other people stations
  • radio soap

    this was the rise of soap opras they entertained people on the radio. this was one of the first kinda shows they had on the radio .it was revenloinary
  • the golden era

    it was the middle of the deprresion and every one was in trouble with money but everyone was saving up for a radio. everyone wated a radio it was the big thing at this time
  • family medium

    the entire family would gather around the radio and listin to shows/bands/ sit coms. this was all family frienly content. this does not happen much anymore.
  • first cassette

    first cassette
    it was introudcuded to germany to record music and other things. cassets where difficult to use and very expensive so they didnt catch on to fast. they were revolutionary
  • first radio fm station

    W1XOJ was the first fm radio station. this was to try and minimize radio static interference. this was reveluionary
  • music

    music filled a void that was there and it made people feel happier and better about them selfs. this was better and gave them something to do.
  • pokecket radio

    sony came out with a radio small enough to fit in your pocket. this made lising to the radio more convinent. you could lisin to the radio anywhere.
  • first cd

    it was used to store music in compact disks and made them very easy to carrie around rather then haviing to cary a big album . this was a very big change