Radio History

  • Radio History

    Radio History was started in 1895 the inventor is a italian male known by Marconi. Marconi sent and recieved the first radio signal. People dont believe he was the inventor. The message was sent by tapping.
  • Audion Tube

    The audion tube was like a amplifier . In 1906 Lee created or "borrowed" the audion tube idea.
  • Radio Stations

    Radio stations started in 1920 by 8KX well, KDKA now in the present . This started by Frank Conrad. Then Uncle Charlie Radio stations.
  • Dawn of Advertising

    Begin with commercial , toll broadcast.
  • FRC

    FRC was established in 1927 (oranize liscensing of transmitter).
  • Call Letters

    W- East of mississippi river
    K- West of mississippi river
  • Waves

    AM Waves- Amplitude modulation (535 KHz - 1605 KHz)
    FM Waves- Frequlitude modulation(88MHz - 108MHz)
  • Golden Era

    30's & 40's
    Middle of Great Depressiion-People werehurtin for $$$
  • Family Medium

    Entire family can enjoy it together. (Band, Story, Comedy, Drama)
  • TV of music

    Superman, Shadow, 64 Dollar show. (Famous shows of Golden Era)
  • The Good and Ugly of radio

    Radio lost money. Radio shows jumped ship. Radio had popular people such as elvis.
  • Details of Radio

    Difference of FM and AM .
    AM is talking.
    FM is Music.
    Radio vs. Pandora, Itunes, Youtube etc.
  • Music

    Music Brought everybody together. It grew more popular buy better radio.
  • Radio vs .....?

    Radio had improved to get popular in every state by making improvements and doing more music production
  • Radio/Music Players

    New electronic comes out to be a player of music.