Radio History

  • the impact of the TeleVision.

    When the TeleVision was invented it became the new popular thing in the 1930's. Unfortunately people forgot about the radio and switched to the TeleVision. This event caused Radio companies to lose huge amounts of their viewers.
  • Who invented the Radio?

    The radio was invented by the Italian Inventor, Marconi.
    Marconi was able to broadcast and recieved the first radio signal on air. Later He proved that wireless waves were not affected by the curvature of the earth.
  • What is an Audion Tube?

    An Audion tube is a vaccum tube that ampilifeied signals that was invented by Leed Deforestin in 1906.It was first believed that Canadian Regiad Fessenden, actually came up with the idea, Fessenden didn't end up in the history books.
  • What was the first radio station

    The first radio station was built in the 1920's (25 years later after the radio was invented by Marconi). The Radio Station was called "8XK" but was later rename "KDKA". This radio station stills exist to this very day in Pittsburg,Pennsylvania.
  • Who is Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie is a term for personal radio stations used for wealthy people in the 1920's. Soon everyone wanted to have thier own personal radio, but soon it became overflowed with to many radio stations. Uncle Charlie became the most popular radio broadcasts in the 1920's.
  • How much money does a radio station made in th 1920's

    In 1922 WEAF (a radio staion) aired 5-10 minutes of "commercials" or, tollbroadcast for an apartment complex for a minimum of $50.Advertisers made $5,000 per second 30 seconds making them the top marketers of the United States. the First radio program was made in the U.S.A.
  • What is FRC?

    The FRC was invented in 1927 and was the solution to the cut down the amount of people on Uncle Charlie. The FRC organized the lincensing of the transmitters y making everyone who wanted to broadcast a signal have a licenses to do it. This limited the amount of radio frequencies, call letters, and power lines.
  • The Golden Era

    The Golden Era was when Radio was at its finest and everyone wanted a radio. It was in the Great Drepression and it served as a escape for reality for people. Popluar shows, music, and dramas were on the radio for the whole family
  • The T.V

    When the T.V came out it had a graual change on society during the Great drepression. Everyone had forgotten the radio and swaped to the T.V. This event caused Radio stations to go bankrupt or lose most of their viewers.
  • What could save Radio?

    When people switched to the T.V they didn't like listening to the music on it and radio stations started to make a comeback by playing music on the radio. Famous Artists would play their albums on the radio, thus sparing the radio from going out of business. Also radio companies would play hit singles and the most popular songs that everyone enjoyed.
  • The Radio's progression

    Ever since the radio started to play muisc,they started to host talk shows and special announcement. All the talk shows were on the AM transmitter and all the music were on the FM. Eventually Radio stations decided to improve the radio by gradually incraesing the the quality of sound on the radio.
  • Radio Vs

    Even though the radio made a comeback it still has many rivals. viewers today listen to music on their smart devices or stream kit on the internet. Today the radio competes against Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, And Muisc apps on smart devices