Radio Broadcasting

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  • Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves.

  • First Radio Signal

  • First radio transmission of music

  • Marconi invents the directional radio antennae.

  • First radio program of voice and music broadcast in the U.S.

  • Audion Tube

  • GE develops a 100 kHz, 2 kW alternator for radio communication.

  • The cascade-tuning radio receiver and the heterodyne receiver are introduced.

  • Shortwave radio is developed.RCA is founded.

  • First Radio Station

  • A radio statio in NYC, WRNY begins to broadcast television shows.

  • FM radio is born

  • Television is born. FM is moved from its original home of 42-50 Mhz to 88-108 Mhz to make room for TV.

  • There are six TV stations in the nation.

  • FCC approves FM stereo broadcasting, which spurs FM development.