• Beginning

    Heinrich Hertz detects and produces radio waves.
  • Marconi

    The Radio was sent and recevied signal in 1895
  • first Radio

    First radio transmission of music at Graz, Austria.
  • Audion Tube

    Lee De Forest created the audion tube made of a vacum tube
  • Radio Station

    first radio show 8XK renamed to KDKA
  • Advetising

    WEAF aired a 10 commerical for an apartment complex and charged 50 dollars
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie was getting very popular so the FRC organized licensing of transmitters
  • Call letters

    W is to talk to East Mississippi River
    K is to talk to West Mississippi River
  • Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

    Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), a second national network, formed.
  • AM and FM

    Amplitude Modulation (AM)
    Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • THe Golden Era

    The Golden era for radio was the 30s and 40s Middle of the great depression
  • WWII

    Radio broadcast journalism establishes itself as a significant national media force as it covers the daily events of World War II.
  • Columbia University's

    1941: Oct.10: Columbia University's Radio Club opens the first regularly scheduled FM station.
  • Family time

    Teh radio was the time for families together as a family
  • Music

    people started using jukeboxes,records