Radio 4


  • Invention Process Begins

    Invention Process Begins
    In 1900, the U.S. Patent Office granted Tesla patents for the coils he knew he would need to invent the radio.
  • The Radio is Born!

    The Radio is Born!
    Finally, the radio was built and perfected and patented. (Invented by Marconi)
  • First Public Radio Broadcast

    First Public Radio Broadcast
    O Holy Night on the violin and a read passage from the bible was broadcasted from Massachusetts.
  • First Permanent Radio Service Set In Place

    First Permanent Radio Service Set In Place
    Marconi established the first permanent transatlantic wireless service from Clifden, Ireland to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.
  • FM Radio invented!

    FM Radio invented!
    The FM radio was invented by Edward Howard Armstrong in 1933.
  • Satellite Radio Invented

    Satellite Radio Invented
    Satellite radio was invented by Martine Rothblatt, the founder and CEO Sirius Satellite Radio in 1990.