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Rachel's Wonderful Life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Danville, PA at the Geisinger Medical Center. My mom and dad were so happy and excited!
  • Halloween

    This was my second Halloween. My parents dressed me up as a teddy bear.
  • California

    When I was little I went to California for the first time.
  • I'm a Big Sister!

    I'm a Big Sister!
    I am so happy that I have a little sister. We love to watch the video from the day she was born.
  • Kinderfolk Preschool

    I went to Kinderfolk Preschool for three years. It was the first time I was away from my parents.
  • Knoebel's

    This is me and my mom at Knoebel's. We were on the helicopter ride. I was the pilot.
  • My 4th Birthday

    My 4th Birthday
    My grandparents came to help us celebrate and I had an awesome cake!
  • Barbados!

    When I turned 5 my family and I went to Barbados. It was really cool. We lived there for five months and had a pool right outside of our house and a beach right down the street. We went swimming almost every day!
  • 1st Day of Kindergarten

    1st Day of Kindergarten
    On my first day of Kindergarten I was excited. I was in Mrs. Jamieson's class.
  • Big Birthday Party

    Big Birthday Party
    When I turned six years old I had a huge party. It was crazy!
  • Jamaica!

    I went to Jamaica. It was really cool there.
  • Saying Goodbye

    Saying Goodbye
    It was fun to see my family in Jamaica. Cousin Kira is so nice!
  • Knoebel's!

    We love going to Knoebel's!
  • 8th Bithday Party

    I had a roller skating party at Sunset Rink. We ate dirt pudding with gummy worms. We skated and had a lot of fun!
  • Auntie Susan

    My Auntie Susan was here. She came from California and took care of us for a week while my parents were away.
  • Third Grade -- At Last!

    Third Grade -- At Last!
    3rd grade is my last year at Kelly Elemantry. I got Ms.Ricco. Lucky me!