Quinesha's Timeline

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  • Infancy: Cognitive Development

    My mom said around so months old I used to suck on my fingers instead of a pacifier because it would calm me down. I cried when anyone else held me that wasn't my mom. During the sensorimotor stage I had separation anxiety.
  • Infancy: Temperament

    My temperament as a baby was that I was a difficult child. I cried a lot. I would say I had a negative mood because my mother claims that when I was around 6 months that I kept saying duce (I meant juice) and she wouldn't get up to get me any juice so I spit on her.
  • I am born

  • Infancy: Physical Development

    Some gross motor skills that I had was being able to crawl and I could pull myself up by holding onto furniture.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    I began to walk around 10 months.
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    Around the age of 2 I learned how to walk more normal. Fun fact: I when I was born my feet were facing inward towards each other and the doctor tried to straighten them out. :/
  • Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Preoperational: I would pretend I was crying so I wouldn't get spanked.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    The thing that interested me the most when I was around 4 years old was Hello Kitty! I remember the tv show was about to get canceled and they had a marathon before and I stayed up and watched every episode until the morning. I also had the one baby doll that tumbled and that was the greatest thing ever. Yes and this seems to be what all children liked back in that time, toys and tv.
  • Childhood: Physical Development

    I probably played and ran around the house daily so that was my physical exercise at that age. I loved getting to play and be energetic.
  • Adolescent: Physical Development

    We would do physical exercise in P.E. 5 times a week. I was sort of indifferent towards this. I liked when we got to play. We hula hooped, did jumping jacks, jumped rope.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive Development

    When I was in elementary school I realized that I liked math and I became apart of the math club in the 4th grade because I understand math so well I was on a different level than my peers. This is because of the concrete operational stage I believe.
  • Childhood: Physical Development

    Around the age of 10 or so I loved to climb trees and that was my favorite hiding spot when we played hide and go seek. My balance was better as well. I could walk across a balance beam without falling. I knew how to juggle certain things.
  • Childhood: Temperament

    My teachers always thought I was a star student. I was apart of the "gifted" program. I had one teacher in particular (Mr. Wright) that would praise me to my parents on how good at math I was.
  • Adolescent: Physical Development

    Adolescent: Physical Development
    I started playing basketball at the age of 13. I started playing video games so that's another fine motor skill
  • Puberty: Adolescent

    I entered puberty a little later than everyone did. I remember I got my first period on April 1st, 2009. I was 13 years old. I honestly thought it was a joke.
  • Early Adulthood: Attachment

    Early Adulthood: Attachment
    I was more securely attached to my mother. By the time I turned 17 she signed the papers for me to join the military. And even though I was still in high school I rarely relied on anything from her.
  • Adolescence: Sternberg

    Adolescence: Sternberg
    My relationship I was in as a freshman in college would have been classified as Fatuous Love. We thought we were going to get married one day. We still love each other we just can't be together right now
  • Adulthood: Physical Development

    I worked out almost every day. Some activities I did was running, lifting weights, push ups, ab workouts ets. I loved all of the working out except running.
  • Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    Formal Operational. I make way better decisions now than when I was younger. I manage my money better when I'm shopping and paying bills.
  • Adulthood: Relationship

    I am securely attached to my closest relationship right now with a friend. I am satisfied with where him and I stand on our friendship and I know I can rely on him.
  • Adulthood: Sternberg

    I would classify our relationship as Romantic love since we aren't committed to one another.