Queen Elizabeth I's Top 10 Moments

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  • Sep 7, 1533

    Queen Elizabeth I born

    Queen Elizabeth I born
    Elizabeth is born at Greenwich Palace. This was a disaster to Henry because he did so much to get a son, but all he got was another daughter. He felt the deep humiliation and also felt that he had not been blessed by God. This date was obviously important because it began the life of Queen Elizabeth I.
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    Queen Elizabeth I's Major Moments

  • May 19, 1536

    Execution of her mother

    Execution of her mother
    Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn, was accused of witchcraft, adultery, and incest, and was arrested and taken to the Tower of London. She was put on trial and found guilty on all accounts, and condemned to death. Anne was beheaded on Tower Green when Elizabeth was only two and a half years old. This was important because Elizabeth was proclaimed a bastard and lost her place in the line of the succession,
  • Jan 28, 1547

    Death of her father

    Death of her father
    Elizabeth's dad, Henry VIII, dies at age 55. This is an important date for Elizabeth because in his will he reinstated Elizabeth's place in the line of the succession. However, he failed to recognize her legitimacy, something that would cause her considerable headache over the course of her life.
  • Apr 17, 1555

    Elizabeth recalled to court

    Elizabeth recalled to court
    Elizabeth was recalled to court to attend the final stages of Mary's apparent pregnancy. I feel that this moment was important because it had a big impact on if Elizabeth would become Queen. If Mary gave birth to a healthy child, Elizabeth's chances of becoming queen weren't looking good. It turns out that Mary was not pregnant and no one believed any longer that she could have a child. Elizabeth's succession seemed like a sure thing.
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I
    On this day, Queen mary dies and Elizabeth succedded to the throne. She became queen at the age of 25. Her coronation took place on Jan 15, 1559. This is one of the most important moments because this would start her glorious reign.
  • May 8, 1559

    Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity passed

    Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity passed
    Elizabeth's Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity are passed, implementing the Elizabethan religious Settlement. While the 1559 settlement could not satisfy either orthodox Catholics or hard-core Protestants, the majority accepted it. The 1559 settlement still informs the Church of England of today. That just shows how important this move by Queen Elizabeth was. That's why I think this moment was important.
  • Execution of Queen Mary

    Execution of Queen Mary
    Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed at Fotheringay Castle. Elizabeth ordered Mary's imprisoment in 1568. Elizabeth had no intention to execute Mary, but after the Babington Plot, she didn't really have a choice but to accuse Mary of treason. I think this was an important moment for Elizabeth because Mary's execution probably added a lot of stress to Elizabeth's Reign.
  • Defeat of the Spanish Armada

    Defeat of the Spanish Armada
    The Armada was a large fleet of ships that the Spanish had prepared in 1588 with the attempt to attack England and conquer it. This was the day when Elizabeth gave her famous speech to the Troops at Tilbury. I think this was a huge moment for Queen Elizabeth because it was a new awakening for the English.
  • The Golden Speech

    The Golden Speech
    Queen Elizabeth delivers her Golden Speech. It was delivered to the 141 Members of the Commons. She revealed that it would be her last Parliament and turned the speech to address the respect and love she had for her country. I think this was an important moment for her because it marked a symbolic end of Elizabeth's reign.
  • Queen Elizabeth I dies

    Queen Elizabeth I dies
    Queen Elizabeth I dies of blood poisoning and the Tudor dynasty ends. She is succeeded by James I of England, James VI of Scotland. It was a very sad day for the nation and an end to her incredible journey.