Queen eliz

Queen Elizabeth II

By snarus
  • Elizabeth Windsor is Born

    Elizabeth is born to George VI and Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth Volunteers During WWII

    Elizabeth Volunteers During WWII
    Elizabeth joined the army to volunteer with the title as honary Second Subaltern. She later became Junior Commander.
  • Elizabeth Marries Phillip

    Elizabeth Marries Phillip
    Elizabeth Windsor married Prince Philip in Westminister Abbey.
  • Elizabeth Becomes Queen

    Elizabeth Becomes Queen
    At the Coronation Ceremony of Elizabeth, she became Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Last Child is Born

    The Last Child is Born
    The last of Elizabeth`s children, Prince Edward is born. He was given the title Earl of Wessex.
  • Fifty Years

    Fifty Years
    Elizabeth Celebrates her Golden Jubilee Year of fifty years of reigning as Queen of England.
  • Curent

    The Queen is still the reigning monarch over England! She is almost 60 years strong!