Queen Elizabeth

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  • Sep 7, 1533

    Elizabeth's Birth

    Elizabeth's Birth
    This is the date when she was born. Elizabeth was born at Greenwich Palace. Her father was devastated to find out that she was a girl, because he wanted a boy heir. He felt like God had cursed him, for all he has done. This date is important because it was when she first came into the world.
  • May 19, 1536

    Her Mother's Death

    Her Mother's Death
    This was a sad day for Elizabeth. This was the day that her mother was executed. Anne Boleyn, was accused of witchcraft, adultery, and incest, and was arrested. She was taken to the Tower of London and was put on trial. She was found guilty on all accounts, and her sentence was death. She was beheaded on Tower Green when Elizabeth was 2. This was an important date, because Elizabeth was proclaimed a bastard and lost her place in the line of the succession.
  • Apr 17, 1555

    Elizabeth's Return to Court

    Elizabeth's Return to Court
    She was recalled to court to help Mary with her pregnancy; Mary ended up not being pregnant and everyone thought she could no longer have children. This is an important date because if Mary would have had a child, Elizabeth’s chances of becoming Queen would lessen.
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth Becoming Queen

    Elizabeth Becoming Queen
    This is the day, Queen Mary died and Elizabeth succeeded to the throne. Her coronation was on Jan 15, 1559. She was queen at the age of 25. This may be one of the most important days, because this is when her glorious reign started.
  • May 8, 1559

    Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity

    Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity
    Elizabeth's Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity are passed, implementing the Elizabethan religious Settlement. While the 1559 settlement could not satisfy either orthodox Catholics or hard-core Protestants, the majority accepted it. The 1559 settlement is still being spoken of today, to inform the Church of England. This date is important, because this was a big act that effected the religious war and is still being talked about today.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots, Execution

    Mary, Queen of Scots, Execution
    Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed at Fotheringay Castle. Elizabeth ordered Mary's imprisonment in 1568, having no intentions to actually execute Mary, but after the Babington Plot, she didn't really have a choice but to accuse Mary of treason and sentences her. This was an important date because it caused a lot of stress on her reign and on her.
  • Spanish Armada Attacks

    Spanish Armada Attacks
    The Spanish Armada to attack and conquer England 1588. This was also the day when Elizabeth gave her famous speech to the Troops at Tilbury. It was a big moment for Queen Elizabeth, because it began a new awakening for the English.
  • Act for the Relief of the Poor

    Act for the Relief of the Poor
    Act for the Relief of the Poor was a piece of poor law legislation in England and Wales. It provided the first complete code of poor relief and was later amended in 1601 in the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 which formed the basis of poor relief for the next two centuries. This was an important event because it changed history and affected the country for the next two centuries.
  • Golden Speech

    Golden Speech
    Queen Elizabeth delivers her Golden Speech to the 141 Members of the Commons. She revealed that it would be her last Parliament and turned the speech to address the respect and love she had for her country. I think this was an important moment for her because it marked a symbolic end of Elizabeth's reign.
  • Queen Elizabeth I Died

    Queen Elizabeth I Died
    Queen Elizabeth I died of blood poisoning, which means the end of the Tudor dynasty. She is succeeded by James I of England, James VI of Scotland. It was a very sad day for everyone all over the world. This is an important day because England lost its “Virgin Queen”.