Qing Dynasty known as the Manchu Dynasty by Gabe Gary & Emary Stevens

  • Huang Taiji moved the captial to Shenyang (the captial city of Liaching) and changed the regime title to Qing

  • Qing Dynasty founded

  • Period: to

    Qing Dynasty

  • Taiwan recaptured by Kangxi (ruled for 61 years)

  • Tibet rebellion suppressed, dynasty continued to rule

  • Closed door policy started to isolated China

  • Opium Trade, drastic prohibitory law adopted

  • Treaty of Nanjing signed as an agreement to trade with western nations

  • Taiping Rebellion, Qing defeat them with the help of British and French forces

  • Treaties of Tianjin established to permit outsiders

  • Self-Strengthening movement adopted and included western diplomatic practices

  • Qing Dynasty Ended