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Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Paige Hendrix

  • Trafic builder

    Trafic builder
    Putting up signs and poster on the cafe windows trying to greet people in. Along with putting up flyers around the town to advertise the cafe to try and attract more business.
  • Coupon plan

    Coupon plan
    we will have a punch card for every time you purchases coffee or food you can get a hole punched in your card, and once you get ten holes you get a free coffee of your choosing and size.
  • coupon

    For every meal purchase over $50 you will receive 50% off of a cup of coffee. Having this will help attract more customer knowing they can reach deals.
  • Contest

    With every meal you order you get one raffle ticket. That raffle ticket can be used to win one month free of coffee, one cup per day. One lucky winner will be chosen.
  • Samples

    Pure soul will be handing out samples at festivals and events through the month of december. winter and the christmas coming up will attract more people in due to the coffee and warm food.