Psychology Lab on Erikson's Stages

  • Trust vs. Mistrust

    I had food, water, shelter, love and a safe environment to grow up in/with as an infant, so I came through this stage with trust. I came to this conclusion because I can trust myself to make smart decisions for me to stay healthy, happy, and safe.
  • Autonomy vs. Shame

    I always wanted something from the 25 cent gumball machines, or get a little toy for 25 cents. But my mother always said no, and I didn't throw a tantrum, so I would say that I came out with autonomy instead of shame.
  • Initiative vs. Guilt

    I had an active imagination as a child,until about second grade when some just grand things happened, and I withdrew into myself, and became shy and didn't go out of my way to talk to others anymore. So I came out of this stage with initiative but because of some unfortunate events, I ended up later taking on some guilt.
  • Industry vs. Inferiority

    I am a quick learner, but if I do not grasp something quickly, I tend to give up quickly, hence why I don't do sports, beause you really have to work at it... So, this stage I again come out with industry and inferiority, only because I enjoy learning, and I can do it, but if I am not good at something, I give up almost immediately.
  • Identity vs. Role Confusion

    This stage is quite complicated for me. Seeing as it spans from the ages of 12 to 18, it is quite a span of time, during which my parents divorced, I changed schools, and I made new friends. Throughout this stage, I not only had to figure out where I fit in at home, but where I fit in at school. At home, I went from being an only child, to being the oldest of three, and at school I needed to find a whole new group of people with whom I shared common interests with. I feel like I came through
  • Identity vs. Role Confusion

    with a sense of identity, and where I fit in life, because of all these transitions and problems in my life, that helped me reinforce them.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    I am going to be a much more outgoing person, hopefully, in college. I want to come out of this stage with intimacy, not isolation. Instead I want to develop the personal skills that I am currently lacking, so I don't end up old and alone, hating what has become of my life, because I was too scared to do anything ever.
  • Generativity vs. Stagnation

    By the time I am 50, which is the date on which this event is plotted, I would like to have a spouse, and maybe a child or two. I am not completely sure about wanting children yet, so I think right now I am going to go with both, generativity and stagntion, because I am not 100% either way, and do not know for sure.
  • Integrity vs. Despair

    This date is when I will turn 65, which is about when the stage of integrity versus despair occurs. You either are happy with your life, or sad about what you did not get to do. I hope to be happy with my life, no matter what choices I make, because they were my choices to make. They will most likely change from here on out, considering that I don't know anything for certian yet, but this one I am 100% about. I do not want to look back on my life with despair, but I want to be able to face
  • Integrity vs. Despair

    death with integrity, and love what I have done and created.