Timeline created by AnujaN
  • 8.1 Rite of passage

    I experienced the rite of passage when my sister got her first period and she has to be celebrated by hosting a really huge ceremony. it was about 500 guests attended the ceremony. everyone were celebrate for her very first period and she is a now woman. that was my very first time experienced the rite of passage. When I got my period, I told my parents I do not want have any ceremony for my period and they respected it.
  • 2.1 Typical Maturer

    I was a typical maturer. I got my period when I was eleven years old, which where almost of my friends got their period on that year. However the book mentions that early matured experienced depression. which I did in my high school and I do not think my period play a role in my depression. I was normal girl for my age, I think it helps that my classmates were full of girls. we through together.
  • Entering Adolescence

    I think I was eleven years old when I was entering adolescence because I was that age where I got my first period. however, I did not sleep late or wake up late til I was thirteen years old. that age where I start experiencing what everyone has been through.
  • 6.2 Companionship

    I have a several good friends who are willing to spend time with me. we would do activities together, often I would stay my friends' house for sleepover and vice versa.
  • 3.1 Imaginary Audience

    I have to admit that I was very self-centred when I was in high school, I was worrying how people will think about me or my appearance. I always thought people will judge based how I dressed. which is not true at all because people always applause how I dressed in my high school. I developed the concept of imaginary audience which there is not one. I grown up from that thoughts. I know that people will not judge me based how I dressed.
  • Differentiation

    I always know that I am very adaptive when I was in high school, which I was thirteen years old. any groups I easily fit in because I know how to fit in with those people. in my first year of high school, I easily fit in with older students or with my peers. I have to be different person when I hang out with older people, I will talk like the way they talk. when I hang out with my peers, I will talk like the way they talk to help me to fit in well.
  • Non- gender typed behaviour

    in my whole high school years, we have several boys who like to dress like girl but still identity as a boy. they will talk about their emotions to everyone or ask girls for tips how can they dress better. this is non-gender typed behaviour in my school and we always have been used with this kind of behaviour. they were more than willing to involve with rapport talk when we have rapport talk, which is very frequently.
  • 6.1 Parents adolescents conflict

    When I expanded my logical reasoning and increasing idealistic thinking. I was going through a rebellion phase where I refuse to listen to my parents at all. this is parent adolescent conflict because my parents want me to listen to them and I refuse. I want have my own independence and my parents were still overbearing to me and it was very frustrated.
  • 7.1 Transition to High School

    when I transition to high school from elementary. I did experienced "top-dog" phenomenon. I was basically top in my class in elementary school and I realized that I am "bottom" in my high school and I did not like it at all. it is what everyone has went through before anyways.
  • 6.2 Ego support

    I have good friends who would support me endlessly. they would encourage me whenever I have any passions or have any ideas for my projects. they would support and give me feedback as well. I do same thing with them
  • Contradictions within the self

    I was fifteen years, where I start noticed my appearance and personality. I start to describe myself in many different ways. it depend on the question, if they asked what do I see in myself, I will answer, I see myself as passionate, stubborn, friendly, funny, and sweet. if they asked me what do I like about myself, I will tell them that I like that I am social butterfly, respectable, supportive, independent. I always look myself in many ways.
  • 4.1 Gender-typed behaviour

    in my junior year, one of my teacher point me out that I was really good with dealing emotions because I was a girl. that was gender-typed behaviour because my teacher told me that I was good with emotions due to being a girl.
  • 7.3 Intrinsic Motivation

    In my junior year of high school. I decided see what I can do with my skills and I noticed that I am good with make up and suddenly, I have the passion for make up and my motivation for makeup was keeping increased. I decided to take a make up class in college which my hs school covered for me. I enjoyed it so much and I decided to continue. this is my intrinsic motivation.
  • 7.2 Transition to College

    the experience of transition to college was very stressful for me. I am an International student, therefore I do not really know who will go to Gallaudet University and I have to meet people on my own and I was feeling overwhelmed. after first several weeks of Gallaudet, I started feel better and I was able to find new friends and get know more about everyone.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    I was eighteen years old that is where I feel like I was entering adulthood. I enter Gallaudet when I was seventeen years old. by my second year of Gallaudet, I was eighteen years old, I experienced self-focused like more commitment in my second years. I got a job as director of equality for SBG. this is my big first job as Gallaudet student. I worked summer counsellor before I enter Gallaudet, but this was different kind of commitment, which I feel like I was entering adulthood.