Professional Journey

  • Arrive in San Diego

    Left teaching, moved to San Diego without a job. Significance: Learned what I could do on my own when all my supports were removed. Confidence grew.
  • Advance at Ashford University

    Became a leader at Ashford. Significance: Had never seen myself as a leader until someone here (my boss) told me I was. That shifted so much about how I saw my future and opportunities I became open to.
  • Period: to

    2018 STRETCH

    Moved to lead in Digital Flagship, completed the MOR Big10 AA leadership program, Chair for Innovate, went to NYC by myself, dad had heart procedure and nearly died in ICU. Significance: Stretched everything I thought I could do and knew about myself. Enabled me to grow from there like a catapult.
  • Became a mother

    Had Elinor Marie Phillips. Significance: Everything I'd done to get me to this point I couldn't reasonably do anymore. Surprise to me was I actually got better when I balanced my life differently and I still grew and advanced. Big shock.
  • Digital Flagship Ends

    Sad, disappointed, frustrated, difficult time to lead. Significance: Learned about resilience, learned something about my values.
  • Period: to

    OSO Transition and Change

    I think this is going to be another point of significance for me...just not sure how yet.