Post-World War II Transport in Australia

  • Period: to

    Australian Transport

  • Trans Australian Airlines (TAA) founded

    Trans Australian Airlines (TAA) founded
    Operations commenced the 9th September
  • First all Australian Car

    First all Australian Car
    Prme Minister Chifley unveiled the Holden 48-215, which was known as the 'FX'
  • Holden cars

    By 1951, on average 100 cars were made every day by Holden
  • Holden FJ released

    Holden FJ released
    Cost 1074 pounds, which was the equivalent of 68 weeks wage for a normal person
  • Cars in Australia are at almost 2 million

    in 1985, around 1 850 000 cars were estimmated to be in Australia
  • Seatbelts introduced into cars in 1956

    Australia was the first country to make seat-belts compulsory in all vehicles
  • Australian National Airways ceased operations

    Australian National Airways ceased operations
    Australian National Airways (ANA), a major rival to TAA, closed down and ceased operations
  • Qantas started round the world service

    Qantas started round the world service
    Qantas became the first airline ever to offer flights around the world
  • Hammersley and Robe River railway opened

    Hammersley and Robe River railway opened
    The first mining railway in Australia
  • Princess Highway Completed

    Allowed a smoother journey from Melbourne to Sydney
  • International Terminals

    In 1970, both Sydney and Melbourne opened international airport terminals
  • Airbags installed in cars in 1971

    First installed by Ford Motor Company, to help people in the interior of the car
  • Qantas bought first Boeing 747

    Qantas bought first Boeing 747
    These planes were able to carry 300 passengers
  • National Highway Scheme introduced

    National Highway Scheme introduced
    Introduced by the Federal Government which aimed to join all of Australia in one big route around the country
  • Cars in Australia had doubled to 4 million

    Car numbers in Australia had doubled during the 1970's
  • Catalytic converters made compulsory

    All cars made in Australia after 1986 had to have a catalytic converter in them
  • Tangara trains introduced in Sydney

    The tangara trains were double-storeyed and could carry 2080 people among the 8 carriages
  • Laws put in place to lower death toll

    Seatbelts were made compulsory to help save people in crashes, RBT was put in
  • Australia has doubled car numbers again

    Australia's registered car number hits 8 million, double what it was at the end of 1970
  • Solar powered cars were considered

    In the 90's, different sources of fuel were considered for use, and solar power was researched a lot
  • TAA sold to Qantas

    TAA sold to Qantas
    Trans Australian Airlines (now known as Australian Airlines) was sold to Qantas, Australian Airlines ceased operations
  • Australian Airlines closed down

    Australian Airlines closed down after only being open for 5 years