Pip and Erika's Life

By erikayi
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    Pip's Life

    Pip's Life
  • Pip meets the convicts.

    Pip meets the convicts in the marshes. He provides them with wittles (food) and a file because he is threatened by them. This event will also affect the rest of his life.
  • Pip meets Estella

    Pip is invited to the Satis House, where Estella and Miss Havisham live. Pip falls in love with Estella because of her good looks, but she acts cruel towards him
  • Pip goes to London.

    Pip goes to London in order to become a gentleman. He also goes in order to find his benefactor. At this point, he thinks it is Miss Havisham.
  • Pip figures out his benefactor.

    Pip figures out who his benefactor is - Magwitch. Magwitch came to "repay the debt" at the cemetery many years ago. Pip is upset because the money that Magwitch gave him was not earned by hard work.
  • Pip saves Miss Havisham.

    Pip saves Miss Havisham from a fire. Miss Havisham confessed to Pip about her revenge on men. Pip forgave her because he understood the situation. He cared for Miss Havisham.
  • Magwitch dies.

    Magwitch dies because of sickness. Pip understands that he truly loved Magwitch when he died. He noticed that Magwitch was helpful, and not useless.
  • Pip meets Estella again.

    After eleven years, Pip once again meets Estella. She explains on what happened with Drummle and herself. They talk, and leave once again.
  • Erika becomes an older sister.

    On December 22, 2000, I became an older sister to David Yi. This helped me realize that I have more responsibilities now.
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    Erika's Life

    Erika's Life
  • Erika goes to kindergarten.

    It was my first day of kindergarten. This was the day where I learned to be separate from my parents and learn. This was the beginning of my education.
  • Erika goes to sixth grade camp.

    This was the first trip where I was away from home, without my parents. It taught me many responsibilities that I hadn't noticed before. (I had to clean up after myself!)
  • Erika goes to Korea.

    I went to Korea, mainly to visit my sick grandpa. This event helped me realize that things can't stay forever. I mourned his death, but learned to accept that he is in a better place.
  • Erika gets her letter to OA!

    The day that I came back from Korea, I got my letter to Oxford. This letter was the start of my preparation for junior high. Elementary school to junior high school, in my opinion, is a big jump. Now we have 8 teachers!
  • Erika goes to highschool.

    This was the year that counted. The jump from junior high to high school wasn't that big because I stayed at Oxford, but it meant more homework, more tests, and more stress. It taught me to not procrastinate and to be responsible.
  • Erika's dad goes to Hawaii.

    My dad went on a business trip. It was the first time when he went for such a long time. He's still in Hawaii, and will be coming back sometime in June. This event taught me more responsibilites because there was more to do (since my dad does all the bills, etc)