Peter the Great

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  • Birth Of Peter

    Peter was born in Moscow Russia. He was son of Tsar Alexis by Alexis's second wife Natalya Kivillovna.
  • Partial Power Acquired

    Peter and his half brother Ivan acquired joint power together after Ivan's sister Sophia stepped down.
  • Struggle for Power

    After the death of Fyodor III (Alexis's half brother) many revolts of Fyodor's family incorporated the Moscow Streltsy which killed many of Peter's relatives. Peter's safety was endangered as he was first choice for the throne.
  • Marriage

    Peter's mother arranged a marriage for Peter to Eudoxia. He became bored with his wife and later regulated her to a convent in 1698.
  • Peter's Son Alexis

    Peter had a son to his discarded wife, Eudoxia. He was healthy and a reasonable heir to the throne. However, he rebelled against some of his father's ideas.
  • The Grand Embassy

    He went off to western Europe to explore with 250 followers. His goal was to learn about international affairs to westernize Russia. He highly valued education.
  • Marriage to Catherine I

    Peter had a long lasting undercover relationship with a lower class women Catherine I. She later had children with him.
  • Son Alexis's death

    After being disobedient to his father, Alexis was persuaded to come home where he was murdered before his death sentence occurred.
  • Plunge to a Hopeful Death

    While on the gulf of Finland, Peter was ashore watching as soldiers in battle plunged from their ship to a cold death. Peter apparently jumped to "help" them. His health severely declined.
  • Peter's Death

    After the decline of his health, he suffered from a severe urinary track infection and he died. Catherine then took the throne.