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Peter the Great

  • Peter I was born

    Peter I was born
    Peter I was born in Moscow Russia on this date.His father was Alexis of Russia and Natalya Naryshkina was his mother. Peter was the 14th child of his father Alexis. This event is significant because Peter becomes ruler of Russia in 1696. (Moscow 73)(
  • King Philip's War

    King Philip's War
    King Philip's War, also known as Metacom's rebellion, was the last major effort of the Native Americans to drive out the English settlers. King Philip led the bloody uprising which lasted around 14 months. Metacom was captured and beheaded. This was significant because it was the war that was caused by expansion of territories and trading. (
  • Coming to power

    Coming to power
    Peter I became czar with his half brother Ivan V. They were both in line after their brother Feodor dies from sickness at the age of 20. This was a significant significant event because Peter I becomes the Sole ruler of Russia. (Moscow 27).
  • The microscope was invented

    The microscope was invented
    Zacharius Janssen built the microscope in 1690. His father also built the telescope before he was working on the microscope. Janssen and his father were testing different lenses. Galileo heard of the invention and started experimented also. The creation of the microscope allowed scientists to discover structures of cells, and closeups of plants and animals. (
  • Kingston, Jamaica was founded

    Kingston, Jamaica was founded
    On this date Kingston,Jamaica was founded. Port Royal which was a nearby city, was destroyed by an earthquake causing the harbour to be ruined. This event is significant because Kingston became the center of trade, manufacturing, and shipping in Jamaica. (
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    In Massachusetts the Salem Witch Trials occured. People were accused for participating in witchcraft. A group of girls thought that they were being possessed by the devil and accused other women apart of witchcraft for the occurence of this happening. Court cases were occurring and about 20 people were killed during this event. This was an important event because the trials were mistake and many people died during this. (
  • Sole power of Russia

    Sole power of Russia
    Ivan V eventually died on this date. Peter then became the sole power of Russia. At this time he was still land of boyars and serfs. Russians remained Eastern Orthodox Christians. This was a significant event because he Peter becomes one of the great reformers in Russia.(Moscow 75).
  • Grand Embassy

    Grand Embassy
    Peter I set out his trip to Western Europe known as the Grand Embassy. Peter visited the Netherlands, England, Austria on his long trip.Peter wanted to learn more about European customs and techniques. This was important because it taught Peter I many new techniques that he was able to use to westernise Europe.(McDermott 75).
  • Westernizing Russia

    Westernizing Russia
    Peter the Great returns after his journey to western Europe. Peter wants to make Russia stronger and teach them everything he has learned on his journey. He introduced the potato, started the first newspaper in Russia, and had women attend the social gatherings. This was significant because it brought more economy and new ideas to Russia. (Moscow 23)
  • Triangular Trade

    Triangular Trade
    European empires created a trading route called the triangular trade route across the Atlantic Ocean. The first leg of the trade was manufactured goods exchanged for slaves from Europe to Africa. The second leg was slaves from Africa to America also known as was known as the middle passage from Africa to America. The third leg they were exported to Europe. This was significant because it was the purpose of moving ideas, and products around the world.(
  • The Great Northern War

    The Great Northern War
    The war was a conflict between Peter the Great and Charles XII. The war was fought between 1700-1721. By the end of the war Sweden has lost the leading power in the Baltic region and was given the power to Peter I. This is significant because Peter the Great builds St.Petersburg during this time period of the war. ( 15).
  • St.Petersburg is founded

    St.Petersburg is founded
    The capital St.Petersburg was founded by Peter I after he needed a new seaport. He was in war with Sweden for many years. Peter was then allowed access Neva River and the Baltic Sea. St.Petersburg was then built by the serfs. This was significant because the new capital led to Peter being able to set out on his journey to western Europe.(
  • Kills son

    Kills son
    Alexei was the son of Peter I and Peters first wife Eudoxia Lopukhina. Alexei despired his father and had plans to be on the throne. Peter then decided kill his son Alexei for conspiring against him. He tortured him until he died. (
  • Title Peter the Great

    Title Peter the Great
    Peter I was given the title name as Peter the Great. Peter was a significant reformer of Russia. He was able to use ideas during his trip to western Europe to modernize Russia which was very important. Peter also reorganized the Russian army and captured the Ottoman fortress of Azov. This title of being known as Peter the Great is very important because he helped Russia in many ways and founded their capital St.Petersburg. (
  • The New York Gazette was issued

    The New York Gazette was issued
    William Bradford an American printer, established the first paper mill in America, at Roxborough, Pennsylvania. In 1693 he went to New York and gained about 400 titles. He then published the first New York newspaper called the New York Gazette. This event was significant because it was a critical incident of the development of American conception of freedom of press. (
  • Peter the Great died

    Peter the Great died
    Peter the Great died in 1725 after dealing with an infection called gangrene. He was succeeded by his wife Catherine. Peter was 52 years old and reigned for 42 years. This was a significant event because Peter I was a very important czar and Sole ruler of Russia as he westernised Russia. (Moscow 79)(