Peter The Great

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  • Peace with Sweden

    Peace with Sweden
    A peace treaty is signed between Russia and Sweden
  • Birth of Alexis

    Birth of Alexis
    This is the birth of Peter's heir to the throne
  • Death of Mother

    Death of Mother
    Peter mother, Tsaritsa Natalia, dies
  • Failure of Attack on Azov and Don

    Failure of Attack on Azov and Don
    Peter the great led an attack on fortresses Azov and Don but failed with heavy losses. This helped lead to his want to westernize Russia
  • Ivan V dies.

    Ivan V dies.
    After the death of Ivan V, Peter becomes the sole czar of Russia.
  • St Petersburg is founded

    St Petersburg is founded
    The future capital of Russia, St Petersburg, is founded to help promote westernization of Russia
  • Marriage to Catherine

    Marriage to Catherine
    Peter the Great marries to Catherine
  • Peace with Ottoman Empire

    Peace with Ottoman Empire
    Peace was made between the Ottoman Empire and Russia
  • Execution of eldest son

    Execution of eldest son
    Alexis was the heir to the throne but was tortured to death by Peter for conspiring against him.
  • Peter's Wife is crowned as Empress

    Peter's Wife is crowned as Empress
    Peter's wife, Catherine, is crowned as the Empress and will take over once Peter dies.
  • Period: to

    Peter's Visit to the west

    Peter had visited the west of Europe for 18 months. This helped promote his want and desire for westernization