Peter the great1

Peter the Great

By AmandaV
  • Peter was born

    Peter was born
    Peter the Great, also known as Peter I, was born in Moscow, Russia. His father was Czar Alexis and his mother was Natalya Naryshkina. He was their fourteenth child. (Harcave)
  • Tsar of Russia

    Tsar of Russia
    Peter the Great was crowned with the title of the Tsar of Russia. He received the title at the young age of 10. During this time, there were many struggles with different political forces within the country. Therefore, he was forced to rule with his brother Ivan. (Peter the Great: Peter 1)
  • Massachusetts was transformed

    Massachusetts was transformed
    A new charter by the English Government transformed Massachusetts. The new charter absorbed Plymouth Colony into Massachusetts. Also, a new requirement for voting in General Court elections was that you needed to be a property owner rather than a church member. (Grun)
  • Bank of England founded

    Bank of England founded
    The Bank of England was founded in the year of 1694. It was founded to serve as the Government's banker and debt-manager. The Bank of England was not the first bank to be founded as Coutts was founded in 1690. Back then, money was not needed as much as it is today. However, large amounts were still needed for war. (Grun)
  • Peter goes on a journey

    Peter goes on a journey
    Peter set out on a year and a half long journey in 1697. His journey was to Prussia, Holland, England and Vienna. His purpose for going on this journey was to study the European ways of life. (Grey)
  • Peter moves

    Peter moves
    Peter moved to Deptford. Deptford was the center of important docks and building yards. In Deptford, he stayed at Mr. Evelyn's house because it was located near the shipping. The house was also more private. (Grey)
  • Peter leads his army

    Peter leads his army
    Peter led his army/navy to a redeeming victory during the Great Northern War. It was Peter and his army against Charles XII and his army. Peter beat Charles and he won the mouth of the Neva River from Sweden. (Harcave)
  • Peter establishes a city

    Peter establishes a city
    Peter established the city of St. Petersburg. This city was located on the Neva River. A few years later in 1712, he moved the capital of Russia to St. Petersburg instead of Moscow. (Peter the Great - Biography)
  • Separation between Delaware and Pennsylvania

    Separation between Delaware and Pennsylvania
    Delaware separated from Pennsylvania. It therefore became a colony. The separation was approved by the English Privy Council. Even though they were separate, they were still under the Governor of Pennsylvania until the Revolution in 1776. (Grun)
  • Peter returns to war

    Peter returns to war
    Peter returned to war battling the Swedish troops in the Great Northern War. The winter war took a toll on the Swedes with many suffering frostbite. The Swedish Army was led by Charles Xll once again. (Harcave)
  • Quadruple Alliance

    Quadruple Alliance
    The Quadruple Alliance was formed when Austria joined Britain, the Dutch Republic and France. The alliance was created to prevent Spain from changing the Treaty of Utrecht. Savoy later joined this alliance as a fifth member. (Grun)
  • Founding of New Orleans

    Founding of New Orleans
    New Orleans was founded by the Mississippi Company. It was founded under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. It was named for Philippe II, Duke of Orleans. (Grun)
  • France declares war

    France declares war
    The Duke of Orleans orders the French Army to invade Spain in April. The French Army was led by the Duke of Berwick. The French faced heavy losses due to disease. (Grun)
  • Peter becomes emperor

    Peter becomes emperor
    On this date in history, Peter the Great became emperor. He was emperor so he could regain access to the Baltic Sea for trade. Also on this day, the northern war with Sweden that he had started in 1700 ended. The war lasted for 21 years. (Peter the Great: Peter 1)
  • Peter's health declines

    Peter's health declines
    Peter's health began to fail rapidly. After an operation, Peter believes he is healed and begins inspecting various projects. During this time, the treaty to end the war with Persia was still not complete. (Harcave)
  • Peter dies

    Peter dies
    Peter died in 1725 at the age of 52 in St. Petersburg. By the end of his life, Peter the Great had been married twice and had eleven kids. However, many of his children died at a very young age. (Harcave)