peter gabriel

By scichos
  • Peter Gabriel is born in Chobham, Surrey, England

  • Period: to

    Time Alive

  • Peter forms the band "Genesis."

  • Period: to


  • Peter is married to Jill Moore.

  • Peter Gabriel disbands Genesis and begins a solo career.

  • Began a longstanding association with the Amnesty International.

    Peter Gabriel had agreed to show up to all 28 the the association's human rights-based concerts.
  • Peter reunites with the Genesis band

    Meant as a small reunion of the original band Genesis, though the reunions had occured before, this was the first time the original group of 5 had played together since 1975.
  • Peter is wedded to Meabh Flynn

  • Peter accepts the Man of Peace award.

    The award was gifted by the former president of the USSR for his contributions to human rights and peace.
  • Peter wins a whopping 9 MTV Awards in 2007.