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  • Ya girl was born

    Yay. So basically your girl was born. I was born on a Wednesday, afternoon time. When I came out I did cry or nothing so they thought something was wrong with me. But sike I'm fine.
  • When i first moved to Arkadelphia

    I moved to Arkadelphia in the 1st grade. Before I came here I lived in Sparkman Ar. I'm glad I moved here because It was boring down there.
  • Got my tonsil out

    I don't remember how old I was but I got them out and could only eat soft food. I got them taking out because something was wrong with them and because I snored like a man. After I got out of surgery I was crying and trying to fight the doctors until my mom came.
  • Started Sports

    When I was in the 6 grade I started to sports. I started playing basketball and volleyball. I'm not that good but I still play. I only play one sport now and that's volleyball.
  • I got braces

    I had crooked teeth and bad underbite. I still have an underbite but still. I use to get different colors and feel color about it.
  • I quit basketball

    I quit basketball this year because one I sucked and two I disliked my coach. I wasn't really good at it so I feel like it was best to quit. Also, I quit because my coach got on my nerves, he would always nag and pick.

    I basically live with my bestie now because I feel like it. She literally the best. Something happened at my house and she was just opened to let me live with her. She's the best.