Personal timeline

  • Birth

    I was born in a hospital in downtown Chicago and that day was the start of an adventure for my family with a funny loving little girl had come into this earth to be their company.
  • started preschool

    started preschool
    I started at this one preschool I will never forget the experiance of the 3 friends I made 2 of which who would always play with me and the one girl who would always sleep. They were my first friends and I wish I knew who they were now.
  • kindergarten graduation

    kindergarten graduation
    Kindergarden graduation is important in my life timeline because that was when I started to form my friendships that would grow or fizzle out and I would be able to talk a lot for myself.
  • Moved out of a apartment on Diversey

    Moved out of a apartment on Diversey
    I used to live in an apartment complex my grandparents owned and got a house near taft.This made me extremely excited because now I can see them more and they are even more apart of my life and I can talk to them.
  • first time going to mexico

    first time going to mexico
    the time I went to Mexico we went on a big family trip to see my grandma and grandpa and then we went to the cemetery and things like that as a family and my cousins own a huge house out there and it is amazing and I loved it as much as it was not fun for my mom and sister I loved it with the no wifi and everything.
  • dare performance

    dare performance
    This was a big program we had in middle school and we ended up having to sing the song in front of a bunch of parents and it was so awkward but it was funny to have to do that and go through that together
  • Great Grandma died

    Great Grandma died
    The first death I went through and stayed back at the apartment as she went through all her cancer treatments.
  • Got a dog

    Got a dog
    I got my first dog after we moved into our new house and we loved him so much he was a street dog but he brought so much bonding and light into our family
  • sister goes to college

    sister goes to college
    My sister moved to college in new york and we all took a driving trip down there to take her and her stuff and it really changed how my lifestyle was and shifted it because now she was not apart of out daily routine
  • started playing softball

    started playing softball
    I started softball when my moms cousin reached out to her saying that he was starting a team and needed players for it and so I joined to see how it would be and then I made long time friendships and I grew a love for the sport changing my life and the way I felt about everything
  • Grandparents new house

    Grandparents new house
    They got a new house 4 blocks away from me and moved in with their dog so they can be close to us in case of emergency and so they can be in a nice house in a better neighborhood.
  • gave away my dog

    gave away my dog
    After my softball schedule started to get more packed my mom decided since we went home as much to take care of the dog enough so we had to give the dog away
  • first time going to California

    first time going to California
    The first time I went to cali I was amazed but I was forced to stay at my aunt and uncles house who I don't really like but it was a major life experience because it changed how I feel about certain people.
  • sister left the house

    sister left the house
    My sister didn't want to listen to my parents rules anymore so when they said she could leave she did and so she moved in with my grandparents and now she barley comes over.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    This day unlike for some people was a very good happy day for me. I hated my middle school and majority of the people in it and the fact that I made it to the end and we were done made me so happy to go on to the next chapter of my life.
  • making the basketball team

    making the basketball team
    making the basketball team was a big part of my freshman year because it really helped me form a bond with not only the girls but also the coaches of the team and I loved it. It also was a nice thing to do during the offseason and made me feel accomplished just to be on the team and not be lazy.
  • quarantine started

    quarantine started
    Quarantine started and I was home everyday doing online school and watching Tv all day everyday. I started to eat a lot more and be in my bed a lot.
  • friend group officially formed

    friend group officially formed
    Over quarantine we started to talk more and some of my friends met the others and we all clicked really well. We ended up facetime everyday and soon started ti hangout with each other and going places more and more as more and more people started to get their license in the group.
  • got a turtle

    got a turtle
    Over quarantine I got a turtle and named him squirt. I was bored at home and I really wanted a pet and that was the only thing my mom would let me get.
  • got a gym membership

    got a gym membership
    After taking strength and conditioning I formed a love for working our. I got a gym membership so I can get in shape and feel better about myself.