personal timeline

  • Independence Day in Iceland

    Independence Day in Iceland
    This was my first time going to the Independence day parade in Iceland, my family has made it a tradition for us to go
  • Christmas

    This is one of the first Christmas's I remember. I was in Iceland celebrating it at my grandpas house with my family.
  • Trip to Branson

    Trip to Branson
    I went on a trip to Branson with my family when I was 5 years old. This was my first time going to Branson
  • First day of Middle School

    First day of Middle School
    This was the morning of first day of 6th grade
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    This was the last day of middle school where all the 8th graders had a "graduation" event
  • Trip to Florida

    Trip to Florida
    Trip to Florida this summer with my friend Hannah.
  • College at KU

    College at KU
    I plan to go to college at KU and major in something to do with medicine.
  • Graduation

    I plan to graduate in 2027 and I would want to buy an apartment for myself to live in and start working
  • Travel

    I plan to be working and still finding time to travel and visit new places.
  • Family

    By the age of 32 I plan to have a family and kids and be living somewhere with them.
  • Retire

    I would want to retire and stop working when I am 62 years old and do whatever i want to do
  • How different would you be if you could have changed one or two events along your line?

    A lot of my timeline was just little vents that happened leading up to the present day, however without those events I wouldn't have made certain traditions that I still carry to this day so that would've made things different. If events were changed in my future timeline, I would be on a very different path of my life
  • What does your time line tell you about yourself?

    What this timeline tells me about myself is that I am a very determined person, I have goals in life that I really want to achieve. I am always very family oriented and enjoy spending time with family and want to one day start my own family.
  • How flexible or fixed does your future seem to be?

    On my timeline its very fixed but that is just how I'd hope my life to go, things can always change and I would be okay with change if that were to happen so its not very fixed in real life.