Personal Timeline

  • Birth

    this is the day i was born. im not sure what time exactly but this is my origins
  • Worst summer of my life

    Worst summer of my life
    this summer was the worst summer because this was the summer that i had to go back to hong kong and it was the year when the heat wave in hong kong was at its hottest. I was 6 at the time so to me that was completely horrible and i spent practically 2 months being depressed.
  • First experiance almost drowning

    First experiance almost drowning
    This is the first of 8 times where i almost drowned. Due to this experiance i now have crippling hydrophobia whenever im in a pool or by a beach
  • Period: to

    trip to shang hai

  • Best summer of my life

    Best summer of my life
    this was the best summer of my life because this was the summer where i got a chance to take care of my cousin's dog for 2 months. it was great because after the summer my parents said i could get a dog. only later did they say i couldn't have one because my mom was allergic.
  • First got into origami

    First got into origami
    i first got into the art of origami after watching a competition on tv where a man folded a origami dragon with a huge paper and with over 1000 folds. this really inspired me because i think that it was probably the coolest thing ive ever seen where we take something as simple as paper and transform it into something so amazing.
  • Won 6th place ribbon in track and field

    Won 6th place ribbon in track and field
    this was in grade 4 when i ran 800 metres for the first time and i still managed to come in 6th place.
  • Origami Palace was finished

    Origami Palace was finished
    after i got much better in origami i eventually managed to create a palace out of 20 pieces of paper and roughly 5 days worth of work. the palace in the picture is not mine, all the pictures i had got deleted off my computer so i had to find a general one
  • The only shot i was every proud and embarrased of.

    The only shot i was every proud and embarrased of.
    This was the day when i went in to the doctor's office to get my blood taken for examination. I went and even before the needle hit my arm i was in tears, after it went in i screamed so loud that the person in the office next to my room (we were seperated by 3 walls) came bashing in wondering what had happened. This was embarrasing for me because i sounded like i was giving birth but at the same time i was proud because i was able to get the attention of 5 people down the hall to my room
  • Biggest party i have thrown

    my grade 8 birthday party was my largest party ever because i managed to invite my entire grade 8 division in my school to it. the only problem was that only 30 people came.
  • discovered my love of singing

    discovered my love of singing
    started in the shower but after a while i got into actually training my voice and actually listening to different styles of music and eventually i got to the point where i really like to express my thoughts and feelings through my voice
  • Period: to

    Musical Theatre Performance

    this was my first big show that i got a chance to be in. truly memorable.
  • Period: to

    First Parkour Training

    This is from when i first learned of parkour, to wanting to DO parkour to hopefully learning the basics before i turn 20. this is another 20 before 20 goal

    im 16 YAY :D

    this is one of my "20 before 20" goals
  • Get my G1

    a 20 before 20 goal. yay i can sorta drive around
  • graduation trip over the summer

    over the summer before i go to university or colledge, a few friends and i have planned to go on a great trip around canada and around the US. ROAD TRIP!
  • get my G2

    another 20 before 20 goal. YES i can finally drive around without parental supervision
  • 20th BIRTHDAY

    Im 20!! i need to see what i have done on my "20 before 20" checklist and set longer goals for what i haven't finished