Personal Life Timeline

  • Birthday

    I was born this day in Galloway, New Jersey
  • First Time in the Ocean

    This was around the time that i first went into the ocean with my cousins. I started very young and ever since then I have loved the ocean and going out there with all my cousins in the summer. They own a beach house down in Harvey Cedars and have for over 50 years.
  • First Day of Pre School

    This is were I made my first friends and still keep in touch with them now. One friend I see all the time everywhere, but i wish things were still the same between us.
  • My Mom, Sisters and I moved into our new house.

    We had been living over in Barnegat, but eventually my mom found a nice house on the island and bought it. We have lived there ever since.
  • Pre-School Graduation

    This was the dayof my pre school graduation. This meant it was finally time for me too start my actual education.
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    This was my first day of Kindergarten. It was time for me too start making more friends, i had already had a few but there were much more kids in elementary school.
  • First Introduction to Music

    My sister, for some crazy reason, decided to give me Eminems newest cd at the time. Back then he was a lot more crude and dirty then he is now and she did not buy the edited version. This is probably why i listen to mostly rap music til this day
  • Younger Sisters Car Crash

    My sister was 1 of 3 passengers in a car with a drunk driver, luckily they all survived. My sister made it out with just a few bruises and a torn up hand. The car was going 90 mph getting onto a highway lost control and flipped over and kept flipping for about 300 yards. She is very lucky to be alive,
  • LBI Team won the Doc Cramer Championship

    On this day i pitched for the LBI team in the championship and we won and i did great. Ill always remember this, baseball has been kind of ruined for me over the years though after dealing with terrible coaches.
  • My Dad and I moved in to our new house

    This was a huge change. I went from a little apartment to one of the biggest houses on the island. Surely enough i used it to my advantage, there used to not be a day were there werent any kids at my house, but things have changed a little now and not many people come over that often and it sucks honestly.
  • My Grandmother passed away

    This was the first person close to me that i had ever lost. This is when i realized that once your gone your gone so you can't be stupid in life.
  • First Day of Middle School

    This was a big change for me. I went from a class of 36 on the island were i had a good base of close friends to a class of about 500 kids. Its funny that til this day all of the kids from the island are still very close to each other, and im happy we are honestly I've known most of them all my life.
  • Uncle Tony Passed Away

    This did impact my life in a big way, but it impacted someone elses a lot more. This was my grandfathers brother in law and they were best friends and use to drink beers on the beach every single day in the summer. Ever since he passed away the beach in the summer for my family has never been the same.
  • First Day of High School

    This was the first day with the big boys. It didnt really phase me and never did, high school has been pretty fun the whole time, but this year im gonna make the best for sure.
  • Game 6 World Series

    I was lucky enough to go see my favorite team, the New York Yankees, beat the Phiilles in the final game of the World Series.
  • Sisters Wedding

    For one this day reminded me how much younger i really am then my siblings. However, on this day i received a brother in law who i get along with well and has been a good addition to the family.
  • Good Friend Left, No Say

    One of my good friends, had already graduated just dissapeared one day and changed his number. This showed me how people can really just do as they please and not care about anyone else.
  • License Test

    This was actually a day after my birthday because the DMV was closed on Mondays. However, on this day i received my drivers license and ever since i have been driving around everywhere, i even drove up to a jets game, which is a little scary your first time.
  • First Fight

    This day just showed me what i could do in a fight, not saying im a fighter, but sometimes its necessary. Its just something that really changed me and made me think a lot.
  • First Speeding Ticket

    This was very recent. However it has made me think a lot about speeding and I have realized that it is just stupid, it doesnt even save that much time.